7 Basic Things to Expect During the 23rd Week of Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a very special experience that any woman would like to prepare for at any point in her life.  The changes that a woman’s body undergoes could only be compared to butterfly’s metamorphosis. The hormonal and cellular transitions all happen simultaneously and combine to produce a very beautiful gift. When you are pregnant, you and your baby both experience a collection of rollercoaster events that lead to internal and external changes. Normally, a pregnant woman has 42 weeks of pregnancy. During the entire 42 weeks of gestation, your body slowly becomes the most ideal environment for your baby’s development.

During the 23rd week of pregnancy, there are a number of very significant occurrences that you should expect. Aside from the size of your girth, you should take note of the following to really help you get a clear picture of what to expect when you reach your 23rd week of pregnancy:


1)      A pound of love

When you reach the 23rd week of pregnancy, of course, your tummy gets bigger. This is because your baby is significantly bigger, too. Normally, your baby is already one pound during this time. Fat (brown fat) is already accumulating under your baby’s delicate skin during this time so, of course, your baby will be heavier. There is still wrinkling of the skin but soon it will be filled up with fat. Some women may have babies who weigh more than a pound because of overeating or gestational diabetes. So it is really a must for you to keep track of your diet and food intake. Follow what your doctor tells you about your eating habits so that you and our baby won’t have any difficulty throughout the entire pregnancy.


2)      Baby’s bodily changes

Your baby’s bones in the middle ear start to harden during the 23rd week of pregnancy. The baby’s pancreas should be functioning by this time and should be producing insulin already. If you have twins, there is a tendency for them to hold hands in your uterus. When someone listens to your belly and keeps really quiet, the baby’s heartbeat could already be heard.



3)      Movements

Your baby has already started developing muscles by the 23rd week of pregnancy and would not be shy in letting you know that he/she is working out. There will be more kicks this time so be ready.





4)      Plugged up cervix

Doctors expect your cervix to be completely secure and plugged up with mucus by the 23rd week of pregnancy. This makes sure that your baby is safe from any bacterial invasion. This also assures you that the baby is in the secure environment of your uterus and is enjoying the healthy nutrients of the amniotic fluid without any trouble at all. There are some women that have very thin mucus plugs. This is known as an “incompetent cervix”. If this is not given attention, this could result to miscarriages. You should let your doctor know if you have been diagnosed with this condition during your past pregnancies so that proper medical treatments could be performed.


5)      Stretching

Because your baby is significantly bigger by the 23rd week of pregnancy, then you should be able to feel stretching sensations at the sides of your belly. This tends to be itchy but do not scratch to avoid aggravated stretch marks. You could just apply coco butter lotion to those areas so that part of the skin won’t get dry and itchy as your skin stretches.


6)      Braxton Hicks

Uterine contractions are still apparent during the 23rd week of pregnancy. Braxton Hicks contractions are normal even at this time, so you don’t have to be alarmed.





7)      Inadequate sleep

By the 23rd week of pregnancy, you will experience inadequate sleep more often. This may be caused by overall discomfort, frequent visits to the bathroom, leg cramping, anxiety, and heartburn. There will be more visits to the bathroom because of your urination. As your baby grows more, your urinary bladder is more compressed, so it tends to feel full more frequently. Your main goal is to get enough sleep and rest for you and your baby. You have to make sure that you take time to relax with soft music, drink warm milk, or have warm baths. To help you get more oxygenation and comfort during sleep, you should always sleep on your left or right side. This allows more oxygenation for your baby. You could place a pillow between your legs to help you be relieved of your weight’s pressure when you sleep.




Make sure that you maintain constant coordination with your doctor in your 23rd week of pregnancy. This will make you feel confident and safe at this stage and during the rest of your gestation as well.


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