6 Advantages of a Liquid Facelift

Women are so caught up with the aging process that they  want to make sure that they look younger than they should at their age. There are so many ways to escape aging or at least to delay it a few years more. Common signs that you are already aging are jowls at the side of the mouth, sagging cheeks, crow’s feet, dark circles under the eyes, nasal facial folds, and dry skin. You could deal with it while you are still young by either taking supplements or living healthy or undergoing surgery. One of the most common surgical procedures in cosmetics is the facelift.  Old school face lift procedure is still being practices today but with the advanced technology and fast-paced lifestyle that most people have already, a much faster facelift procedure is now being applied to those who want it immediately—liquid facelift.

Like it or not, facelifts cost a lot because it involves skilled, invasive surgery. That is why many women have second thoughts in having the procedure. But these days, the liquid facelift is the cheaper and safer alternative that’s in very high demand already. It is basically a cosmetic procedure that smoothens, fills up, and lifts the sagging and wrinkling skin on the face. The liquid facelift procedure basically re-defines and improved the contours of the face, making it a lot more youthful. Here are some of the elaborated benefits of the liquid facelift:


1. Whole or part

Liquid facelift is not invasive at all. It just involves fillers to be incorporated into your skin through injection. One type of liquid facelift that is always requested is the mid-cheek facelift. In this procedure, several nasal labial folds are produces, which definitely make you look much younger. Jowls are also eliminated from the sides of your mouth with liquid facelift.  This cosmetic procedure makes it possible for the entire facial skin to be lifted. But it also targets specific areas to really focus on the areas that need special attention.



2. Fast

The liquid facelift is a cosmetic procedure that is done very fast. All it takes is a single appointment with your surgeon and you will already go home after the session. To make sure that the patient experiences no pain in the liquid facelift, a local anesthesia is commonly administered on that specific area of the face. Of course, routine medical history and consultations will be conducted before it is performed. It usually just takes an hour to undergo a liquid facelift. The recovery period is not as long and its results will not be as permanent as that of the conventional face lift surgery.



3. Natural-looking

A liquid facelift, as you know, is done by injections. No incision of any kind will be performed on you r skin. This lessens the possibility of infection and unsightly scars. It also prevents the effect of having your facial skin look too stretched far back. Liquid facelift just makes you look more rejuvenated and much younger without looking very altered by a surgical knife.




4. Affordable

It is definitely more affordable to have a liquid facelift than a conventional face lift because all it takes is a skilled surgeon and the right syringe to administer the dermal fillers for your face. The procedure doesn’t even need a complete operating room or surgical facility. This makes it more accessible to those who would want to look younger even with limited means.




5. Lower risks

If you want to avail of the liquid facelift, then your risks of infection and unsightly scars are lowered. Usually, anesthetics are not even administered for this procedure, making the patient avoid the possible side effects of the injected anesthesia.





6. Nothing missed

Unlike the conventional facelift surgery, liquid facelift makes you have it all. You could have this procedure performed in the morning and then be able to enjoy yourself already by the end of the day. You could just schedule it during the week so you may not absent yourself from work or miss any important occasions.





Various factors may lead you to decide in availing the liquid facelift. Just make sure that you choose a credible surgeon who has effective dermal fillers and years of updated experience already. Be honest with your medical history so that your health and safety are ensured in every step. Even if it is not as expensive as surgical facelift, you should still be ready for special fees. Entrusting your life and your appearance to a surgeon is not something that you could make a habit of. You should see to it that you are ready, and that this is what you really want.

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