6 Considerations in Tightening the Loose Skin After Pregnancy

Pregnancy makes you gain weight and large girth. This makes your  skin stretch  up to  a point to accommodate the building up of the mass. But after you give birth, your uterus goes back to its pre-pregnant state. This makes the stretched skin very loose afterwards.

Loose skin after pregnancy is a very common problem for women who already gave birth. There are many treatments that are available today that enable you to get back the tightness that your abdomen had before you were pregnant. Before you undergo these treatments or regimens read on and fins out these considerations when it comes to tightening loose skin after pregnancy:


1. Skin elasticity

Your skin is  the largest organ in your body. It has a degree of elasticity that enables stretching and tightening that enables you to carry a large weight and expand larger without tearing. Loose skin after pregnancy is usually decorated by stretch marks, which is only natural. The skin’s elasticity could depend on heredity, age, lifestyle, environment, time for expansion, and weight carried. You could wonder why your skin is too wrinkly. This could be brought about by genetics. Age is a natural influence on skin’s elasticity. The older you get, the less elastic it becomes. The environment and the way you live also do things to your skin’s condition. If you don’t get the right amount of nutrients such as vitamin C amidst all the stress and exposure to the sun’s radiation, your skin will definitely look aged sooner. The weight you carry and the length of time you carried it also influence the amount of loose skin you get. So, the larger and longer you get big, the more loose skin you have afterwards. This is why there is only a recommended amount of weight that  should be gained during pregnancy.


2. Ineffective creams

There are so many skin tightening treatment creams nowadays that promise to tighten up loose skin after pregnancy. The manufacturers say that their products are filled with antioxidants and moisturizers that help you retain moisture under your skin so that it will tighten up fast but sadly, that isn’t true at all. You will only end up spending too much on creams and solutions but never get the pre-pregnant skin that you had.



3. Nutrition helps

As with any other thing that involves your overall health, nutrition plays a valuable role. Fruits and vegetables provide you with most of the antioxidants that you need to keep your skin youthful and strong. Oils that you take in retain moisture in your skin and enable it to tighten up back to its pre-pregnant state. You could also take antioxidant supplements to make sure that you get enough to maintain the tightness of your skin even after pregnancy. With a proper diet, you could really do something significant about the loose skin after pregnancy.



4. Exercise helps

In tightening that loose skin after pregnancy, you should remember that regular exercise really helps. Underneath your skin is fat and muscle. If you tone your muscle, you eliminate fat. When this happens, your skin will look tighter and the loose skin will be tightened already. So it is really a must to exercise.





5. Surgery

Surgery can be a fast and easy option to eliminate loose skin after pregnancy. This is referred to as abdominoplasty. It is a very expensive way to get back your tight skin. Because of this, you should consult your doctor very carefully so that all the risks may be explained to you. As mush a possible this is only given as an option to those people with very extremely loose skin after pregnancy.




6. Time

You should also give enough time for your skin to tighten up on its own.  Eliminating the loose skin after pregnancy is not all about instant results. Give it time to transform back to its pre-pregnant, tight state.






You should check with your doctor about the given considerations in tightening the loose skin after pregnancy. When you exercise, remember to breathe well for proper oxygenation. Water helps in moisturizing your skin. Repetition in exercises is the key to correcting the condition of your skin after pregnancy. Don’t use the crash diet technique because it will only aggravate the situation. Loose skin after pregnancy can be difficult to eliminate but not impossible to do so. All you have to do is be determined and persistent in your routines and regimens. Do not compromise your overall health just to eliminate the problem. Be healthy as you correct the problem and soon, it will all be set right.

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