6 Effective Methods in Natural Panic Disorder Treatment

Your day could really be ruined when a sudden panic attack happens. Panic disorder could happen at any time. It is usually a misconception for so many people that panic attacks may be a seizure or a heart attack. This episode may be brought about by certain objects, people, or events that you may encounter at that very instant. It is a response that is psychological but could easily manifest physically.

Panic is a very extreme feeling of fear or threat. These feelings make people rush themselves to the ER because they suspect themselves of having a heart attack. This happens because panic mimics the symptoms of a health condition. You should really see to it that you know the difference between a panic attack and your other diseases.

Panic disorder is a common thing that occurs more often in women. Stress is the usual culprit when it comes to the occurrence of panic disorders. You may experience this a few times in a week or even everyday. Seeing a doctor about your panic disorder would mean that you’d have to undergo a complete physical examination so that other possible diseases may be ruled out. Probing questions will also be asked if you get cleared from your physical exam. This is to see if you experience a least three attacks of panic in a week, everytime you are exposed to certain situations that do not demand physical effort. Although you could consider panic disorder as a chronic condition, there are many treatments available for this. Since the conventional medications have side effects, here are some of the choices for the best natural panic disorder treatment  that you may want to consult with your doctor:


1. Biofeedback

This is a natural panic disorder treatment  that uses physical sensors measures breathing, muscle tension, and heart rate. Biofeedback enables you to recognize the body’s response to anxiety. If these are efficiently identified then relaxation techniques are then performed to keep them at bay.




2. Exposure therapy

When you talk about exposure therapy as a natural panic disorder treatment method, you refer to the head-on confrontation with the fears that you have. This is usually done in a controlled and very safe environment. This is comparable to desensitization in treating allergies. When you face your established fears (real or imagined), then you will be able to gain more self confidence and more control on the situations that trigger your panic disorder. When you do this regularly, then you will be able to eradicate the anxieties that you have.


3. Cognitive behavioral therapy

Cognitions or thoughts and behaviors are the focus of this natural panic disorder treatment. Both are needed to really narrow down the triggers of the panic disorder. If the triggers are identified, then the proper means to deal with them will be oriented to the patient. This may also involve challenging or facing the thinking pattern that aggravates your anxiety.





4. Relaxation techniques

Practicing various relaxation techniques is a natural panic disorder treatment  that you could easily do even in the privacy of your own room. This includes progressive relaxation of the muscles, meditation, visualization, and controlled breathing. These methods could significantly improve your overall well-being.





5. Exercise

Exercise is a common natural panic disorder treatment  that relieves stress and anxiety. You could have thirty minutes of working out at least three times in a week. You couldincrease the frequency by exercising an hour everyday.





6. Hypnosis

Hypnosis is one natural panic disorder treatment that is only performed by a licensed psychiatrist. This method is usually in conjunction with cognitive behavioral therapy. As you well know, being hypnotized means that you will be in a state wherein you will be deeply relaxed. Various therapeutic techniques will re-orient you into dealing with your fears in a much more positive way.





Panic disorder could be detrimental to you or to other people around you if you don’t know how to deal with it properly. You could follow your doctor’s prescription medications which would definitely have a myriad of side effects that you would have to deal with as well. Picking the right natural panic disorder treatment with your doctor could really help you get the upper hand in your condition. Make sure that you follow these treatment options and coordinate with your healthcare provider at all times to monitor your level of progress. Fear can be a powerful enemy when it comes to panic disorders. It may really take over your life and ruin your chances of normalcy. With this, help your doctor help you take control.

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