What Makes Natural Prenatal Vitamins Ideal for Your Pregnancy?

Finally! You’re pregnant! Another life pulsates in your womb and you just can’t wait to welcome your new baby into this world. Pregnancy in general takes time and good preparation. You get to go shopping for pregnancy clothes and baby paraphernalia. This really fuels the excitement of your pregnancy. One of the preparations that you need to do is to take prenatal vitamins. Prenatal vitamins may be taken even before you actually get pregnant. But it is usually included in your diet from the start of conception.

Food is not enough to provide your needed nutrients to have a healthy body and baby during pregnancy. Your OB-GYNE will prescribe conventional prenatal supplements that you have to take. Prenatal vitamins are given to you to make sure that you take in all the necessary nutrients that you and your baby need to make the pregnancy successful.  Overall health of your baby means that birth defects are prevented and prenatal vitamins help you achieve this. Natural prenatal vitamins are commonly used because they are naturally occurring and improve your pregnant condition as well. Here are some concepts that you have to take note of if you want to take natural prenatal vitamins:


1. Advantages

Natural prenatal vitamins are what you really strive to take when you are pregnant because they are usually made from raw or whole foods. Whole foods are said to contain more nutrients that you and your baby could benefit from. The natural prenatal vitamins are substances that your body already recognizes so they are readily absorbed. It is ideal to take these vitamins to make sure that what you take in is pure.




2. Typical prenatal vitamins

The commonly taken natural prenatal vitamins are folic acid, calcium, and iron. Folic acid aids in the reduction of neural tube defects that the growing fetus may have. Spina bifida is one of these defects. This is a condition wherein the spinal cord is not able to close or fuse during early development. This is detrimental or even fatal to the baby because this exposes the nerves that results in mental retardation and paralysis. Hydrocephalus is another condition that is prevented by folic acid supplements. This is incurable and involves the abnormal gathering of cerebrospinal fluid in the cavities of the brain. You could have your natural folic acid by taking in citrus fruits, nuts, and green leafy vegetables. To ensure that you have the right amounts of this naturally occurring nutrient, your doctor will tell you to take about 400 micrograms of it on a daily basis. Calcium is one of the natural prenatal vitamins that is needed in the full development of your baby. It is important in increasing bone density and in preventing osteoporosis. You can get your calcium allowance everyday from soy, fish, nuts, eggs, and dairy. Iron is helpful in the treatment of anemia that is common among pregnant women. When you are pregnant, you produce more blood so iron has to keep up with this. When you cannot cope with the iron demand, you suffer from IDA or iron deficiency anemia. This results in fatigue and extreme tiredness. This is usually taken by pregnant women after the first three months of gestation.

3. Selection

When you opt for natural prenatal vitamins, bear in mind that the costs will be higher. This is because they are extracted from vegetables and fruits. The extract then undergoes the more complicated process of becoming supplements. Natural prenatal vitamins are usually very difficult to find. They are usually in specialty stores or natural food shops in designated areas. Your doctor knows your medical history, so it would be a good idea for you to ask about the best manufacturer of natural prenatal vitamins so that you can be sure that what you take will benefit you and your growing fetus.



4. Considerations

If you really want natural prenatal vitamins, then your dosages should be according to your age and sex. You could benefit from the natural prenatal vitamins even if you have an unplanned pregnancy or if you have just taken it at the later months of gestation. Just incorporate a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle while taking these supplements. Make sure that you really look into the components of the natural prenatal vitamins that you purchase to make sure that they are really natural and not mixed with synthetic compounds.



To be sure that you really get the most out of your natural prenatal vitamins, always coordinate with your doctor. Keep your schedules prenatal check up appointments so that your progress will be well-evaluated.

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