6 Known Natural Supplements For Acne Scars to Consider

For those who have suffered from can lesions, the battle must’ve been long and hard. After the struggle of getting rid of the acne, acne scars are the next ones to get rid of. It can be very tedious to do. The scars could range from light and shallow to dark and deep. The lighter ones are easier to get rid of than the deep, dark ones.

Nowadays, there are many expensive treatments that are available in dermatological clinics. There are chemical peels, diamond peels, and lightening facials that are given if you want to have your acne scars eliminated at an accelerated pace. But if you want to take your time, here are some inexpensive natural supplements for acne scars that you could try:


1. Honey

Honey is also one of the recommended topical natural supplements for acne scars. But the grocery store honey is not what is referred to here. Skin experts say that if you are going to use honey, better make sure that it is medicinal honey and not standard or regular honey. It is processed differently from the standard honey. Just spot apply this on the scars that you have more than once each day. After applying the medicinal honey is applied, leave it on your skin for about thirty minutes. This will help in making skin discolorations even.



2. Onion

One of the known topical natural supplements for acne scars is onion extract. It may not be the most pleasant smelling of the alternatives that you could have for your acne scars but it is pretty much effective. All you have to do is juice an onion. Onion extract has the same active ingredient as that of the pimple scar medications that you could buy from pharmacies. You could either make your own or just buy onion extract from your local grocery store and apply this on your acne scars.




3. Sandalwood

Sandalwood in paste form is said to be another one of the effective topical natural supplements for acne scars. It is a simple thing to prepare at home. Get some powdered sandalwood and mix it with water to make a paste. Then, spot apply it on your acne scars and leave it overnight. You could already wash it off by morning. Just keep repeating this until your scars lighten and improve.




4. Aloe vera

Another one of the very popular skin applied natural supplements for acne scars is aloe vera. This is a very effective treatment for new scars. Just get some aloe vera gel and rub it onto your pimple scars two times a day and surely your scar problem will just be another nasty dream.





5. Vitamin C and vitamin E

Vitamin C and vitamin E are natural supplements for acne scars that really boost the immune system and remove the free radicals that slow healing. You should increase the intake of foods that are rich in vitamin C and vitamin E such as fruits and vegetables. Natural supplements of vitamin C and E could also help in the healing of the acne scars. You can take about 1000 milligrams of vitamin C and about 200-400 IU (international units) of vitamin E everyday. Get one of your vitamin E gel capsules, pierce it and rub the vitamin E content onto your acne scars for faster healing. This will greatly reduce the redness, irritation, and inflammation as your scars heal. Vitamin E also prevents your skin from aging prematurely and ensures healthy and firm skin for a long time. Taking these basic antioxidants will surely help in your acne scar healing and in your overall health as well. You could continue to take these supplements even if your acne scars have already healed and disappeared.



6. Zinc

Zinc is also one of the best known natural supplements for acne scars. Taking 15 milligrams of zinc daily boosts the immune system and heals the acne scars at a faster rate. Seafood, chicken, and beans are only some food sources of zinc that you could take in everyday aside from your natural supplementation.





Check with your doctor if your are allowed to take the given natural supplements for acne scars. You have to make sure that you have so sensitivities to any of the natural supplements so that you may be assured of the best results. Make sure that you always coordinate with your doctor for the evaluation of your skin as you use these natural supplements for acne scars. It is better to take every good measure possible so that you may harness the benefits of these natural supplements for acne scars.

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