7 Pointers That You Should Remember in Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is a disease that affects millions worldwide. It really makes everyday living very challenging with the pain and discomfort that it gives you. Even the simplest tasks could prove to be very difficult to do when your joints are very painful whenever you move.  Living with rheumatoid arthritis involves intense lifestyle modifications. This includes diet and routine that could contribute to the betterment of the condition. The symptoms will be helped once these changes are performed religiously. Other diseases such as heart ailments could be prevented when rheumatoid arthritis is controlled properly.

Regular exercise and balanced diet really contribute a lot to the improvement of rheumatoid arthritis. The fatigue and the stiffness in the joints are really bothersome symptoms that need to be relieved. You have to choose your activities carefully so that you may be able to lessen the symptoms and not aggravate them more. Living with rheumatoid arthritis involves education, helpful devices, therapies, and medications. Having this condition all your life puts you at a very increased risk of having osteoporosis. Strengthening the bones by taking a lot of calcium and vitamin D would also help you manage rheumatoid arthritis. Take note of these pointers that will help you in living with rheumatoid arthritis:


1. Right medication

In living with rheumatoid arthritis, your medications are individualized. Your dosages are specific to the degree of your condition. This is why you should take your medications at a regular basis. You wouldn’t want to take the medications of someone who has a more advances RA than you do.




2. Ask for help

If you need help, you should make sure that you ask for help. This is not the time to be prideful of anything that you do where you have difficulty with. It is only expected that you begin to have difficulty in performing your tasks and daily activities in living with rheumatoid arthritis. All you have to do is gauge your activities and do what you can. It will be easier for you if you ask for assistance from time to time.



3. Exercise

Doing your regular exercise routines is important in living with rheumatoid arthritis. This keeps you light on your feet. You keep your body in constant motion when you perform your regular exercise routine. It would be ideal for you to  be under the supervision of a trainer or a healthcare professional so that your every move would be monitored and so that the activities would be well-chosen and established.



4. Use devices

Support and aides that help you stand or move about are extremely necessary when living with rheumatoid arthritis. Devices that help you go about your activities are good investments especially when they are made with very durable materials. They also save valuable time for you to perform your activities.





5. Support group

While living with rheumatoid arthritis, it helps when you have a support group to talk with about your condition. All over the world, there are other people who experience the same things that you do. Your family and friends also help you get through the pain and discomfort of your condition. Things are a lot easier when you have shoulders to lean on.




6. Parking permit

You could avail of a parking permit for handicapped people. Your attending physician could help you in preparing the paperwork needed for you to secure one. This makes living with rheumatoid arthritis a lot easier because you could park closer to the entrance of any building or establishment you go to.




7. Rest

Even if you have limited activities already, you should still remember that you will experience pain and fatigue in living with rheumatoid arthritis. Rest periods per activity depend on the severity of your RA. You should make sure that you plan all your activities, which should include the rest periods. If you have companions, you should have very understanding ones. But you should not overdo your rest periods, too. Your muscle should be used for them now to atrophy and be stiff.




Always remember that you should respect the body that you are given with when you are living with rheumatoid arthritis. If you know that you have certain limitations already, you should not do certain activities that will definitely hurt you already. It is really hard to accept this fact but you should start doing so if you want to lessen the pain in your movements. When you move according to newly found rhythm things will be a lot easier for you and your health will be more protected in years to come. You should not be embarrassed when you are considered to be a handicapped already. You really need the special privileges to go about with your day.

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