6 Vital Guidelines in Living with Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a mental disorder wherein the person’s emotions and thoughts become disintegrated. It is usually manifested by paranoia, auditory hallucinations, dysfunction (occupational or social), delusions, speech disorganization, and thought disorganization. Because of these signs and symptoms, schizophrenics detach themselves from society. They isolate themselves and choose not to participate in normal social activities like dating or even undergoing the processes of normal and lucrative employment. This is basically why most schizophrenic patients end up without homes, jobs, or families. Some even end up committing suicide because of the intense dissociation.

Generally, schizophrenics are not violent people, even the paranoid ones. Instead, they are the ones who are usually the victims of violence. However, if the person was violent or addicted (drugs or alcohol) before he or she became schizophrenic, the violent behavior towards may continue or start. There are many treatments for schizophrenia and most of them are medications and therapy by authorized healthcare workers. Living with schizophrenia is a very challenging thing to do. It is like immersing yourself in a world where you are more than one person. Handling yourself with only one set of behavior is hard enough. What if you have another personality or even more to deal with? What if you have a loved one with this condition? Here are some helpful guidelines that will help you cope while living with schizophrenia:


1. Close contact with healthcare workers

It can be a challenge when living with schizophrenia. This would mean that you would have to be under the watch of your doctor or a combination of healthcare workers such as a psychiatrist, social worker, and a psychologist, depending on the gravity of your condition. Having to meet these people on a regular basis could require the help of your support group such as loved ones or friends. You need your family and friends to help you maintain your appointments with these people.



2. Follow treatment

Following your prescribed treatments is very important while living with schizophrenia. This includes taking your medications at proper dosages on time. If you have friends or family who could help you with your medications and routines, the easier it would be. In case you don’t, you could hire a care provider to oversee your activities of daily living, medical appointments and medications.




3. Support groups

There are support groups for both the patient and the care provider in the area of schizophrenia. This is important in living with schizophrenia. It could be mentally scarring, too for the caregiver if there is constant contact with a schizophrenic.  A support group could be very helpful because this would give the person encouragement and motivation to continue on caring for the patient.




4. Monitor

Monitoring your own symptoms when you know you have a mild degree of schizophrenia is very ideal. This would help you and your doctor control the symptoms and prevent them from progressing. If you are assigned to care for a schizophrenic patient, then you will be the one who will be keeping records of the signs and symptoms of your patient. Report of any progress to the doctor who handles your patient.


5. Non-drug therapies

Therapies that do not involve any amount of drugs is also available for people living with schizophrenia. This is most beneficial for those whose symptoms are just starting. The family therapy, cognitive therapy, and rehabilitation are available to help these patients. It is healthier than starting to combat the lighter symptoms with medications right away.




6. Prepare to fight long

Living with schizophrenia is a life-long battle. It is a chronic condition that requires a lot of vigilance, patience, and understanding. It is an illness that should be well-managed. Medications could only do so much like controlling the symptoms. Treatments to cure schizophrenia is only effective for a select minority and not for everyone.





It is common for those with schizophrenia to ignore their signs and symptoms because they perceive them as real. Living with schizophrenia is a very challenging task. In doing so, always remember to take any threats of suicide very seriously and be sure that you immediately seek medical consult when this occurs of when symptoms progress.

Schizophrenia is a very complicated mental condition. Some see it as a chronic curse, while some treat it as a gift because of the different world that they see, which may help them in their creative efforts. Nevertheless, the importance of medical attention is of vital importance especially if it is to prevent the progression of the symptoms. Keep in mind these guidelines if you want living with schizophrenia to be very manageable.

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