Top 7 Home Remedies for Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a non contagious persistent skin disease causing the skin cells to build up quickly on the skin, producing a dense and itchy scale, dry and reddish patches that sometimes have a hurtful feeling.  It is formed in a certain areas of condensed skin which consist of dead skin cells.  Psoriasis can be related to an irregular reaction of the immune system that leads to swelling or inflammation.  There may have periods that reduction of psoriasis is noticeable but there will also have times that it may get worse.  There is no cure for this skin disorder but there are a lot of ways that may bring great relief like applying medication, home remedies and lifestyle changes.

What are the signs and symptoms of psoriasis?

The signs and symptoms of psoriasis may differ for each person and may consist one or more of the following:

  • There is an appearance of red spot or patch in the skin with silvery scales.
  • A small flaking spots which can be normally seen in children.
  • There is a feeling of itchiness and tenderness.
  • It may bleed due to a dry cracked skin.
  • The nails are condensed, pitted and uneven.
  • The joints are inflamed.


Red patches of psoriasis can be varying from a small number of spots of a dandruff-like scaling to extreme flare-up that may wrap the big areas of skin.  In severe cases of psoriasis, it can cause pain and disable.

What are the causes of psoriasis?

The precise cause of psoriasis is not yet recognized but there are certain conditions that can trigger psoriasis and some of them are the following:

  • Sudden change in climate.
  • There is a too much intake of alcohol.
  • A person has infections like upper respiratory illness like tonsillitis, colds or sinusitis.
  • There is a skin disorder.
  • A person suffered from skin injury.
  • Excessive smoking.
  • A person undergoes anxiety or stress.
  • There is sunburn.
  • A person with poor immune system.


What are the things you can do to lessen the psoriasis symptoms?

If you do already have psoriasis, all you have to do is to avoid certain things that will trigger a lot for the psoriasis to occur and some of them are the following:

  • Prevent from exposing the skin to cold and dry environment.
  • Stay away from too much exposure to the sun.
  • Avoid having skin injury.
  • Take adequate rest and eat a healthy balance diet to avoid any types of upper respiratory illness.
  • Avoid intake of alcohol.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • As much as possible avoid stress.


What are the home remedies for psoriasis?

Avoiding the things mentioned above and applying the following home remedies will bring a great relief for psoriasis.


1.     Physical activities

Physical activities or exercises like cycling, swimming and Tai Chi are best recommended for people with psoriasis.  It helps improve the overall blood circulation inside the body.  These activities are also helpful in reducing joint inflammation for they have gentle effects in joints.




2.     Water

Water with sea salt brings great effect in psoriasis.  The solution should be poured over the affected areas.  Sea salt is said to have a cleansing characteristics that help to detoxify a whole body.  The therapeutic bath salts may be use once in a week or even everyday.




3.     Avoid stress

A number of studies revealed that stress could worsen psoriasis.  The dandruff-like scales and lesions may flare-up if the person affected is stress out or feeling depress.  A positive outlook in life could give a great remedy to limit psoriasis symptoms.




4.     Sunlight

Expose the skin with affected areas with 10 to 15 minutes to sunlight every 7 to 8 o’clock in the morning will be the best help to control and make the conditions get better.





5.     Fish oil

Fish oil containing omega-3 fatty acids helps to improve psoriasis.  A study revealed that taking large oral doses of fish oil capsule will bring great relief but a recent study showed that by applying it thickly on the affected areas will help to bring remedy in psoriasis.  Ask your physician of whichever is applicable in your present condition.




6.     Aloe vera

Try to apply the gel from the aloe vera plant by spreading it on the skin with affected areas.  You can obtain the gel by splitting its leaves.  This gel has a soothing property that helps the skin mend from small burns and wounds.




 7.     Olive oil

Add 2 teaspoons of olive oil in a large glass of milk and add the mixture in your bathwater.  This will help to lessen he occurrence of psoriasis symptoms.





Consult a medical expert if what of the home remedies will bring great relief or benefit to the psoriasis condition you presently has.

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