8 Most Effective Natural Cures for Stomach Flu

Stomach flu also called viral gastroenteritis is an infection in intestine manifested with abdominal pain, watery diarrhea, nausea or vomiting and at times with fever.  Stomach flu is most commonly acquired through getting contact with the person already infected with it or intake of contaminated food or water.  Stomach flu can be considered fatal especially if the person being infected has weak immune systems but with the person with a healthy body it is possible to get better without any complications.  Even though viral gastroenteritis is frequently named as stomach flu, it is not similar with influenza which has an effect on the respiratory system whereas gastroenteritis attacks the intestines.  The recommended ways of natural stomach flu cures can bring great relief for the symptoms of stomach flu.

What are the signs and symptoms of stomach flu?

Signs and symptoms of stomach flu include the following.

  • Watery diarrhea and frequently there is no presence of blood
  • There is abdominal pain and spasm
  • There is a presence of nausea, vomiting or both
  • Infrequent headache or muscle pain
  • Fever in low-grade

The symptoms of stomach flu may vary on the cause, it may come out within one to three days after the person is being infected and can range from mild to serious condition.  Normally, the symptoms may last in a day or two, it rarely continues for ten days.

The following are the signs and symptoms for infants and children that should have need of immediate medical attention.

  • If the child has a fever of 102 F or 38.9 C or higher
  • The child appear to be irritable or weary
  • The child is in a great pain or uneasiness
  • The child has a bloody diarrhea
  • The child appears dehydrated


Inform your baby’s doctor immediately if you had observed of these signs and symptoms most especially if your baby has vomiting last for a number of hours.


What are the causes of stomach flu?


  • Children are frequently infected by rotavirus.  They can easily be infected by putting their hands or things contaminated with virus into their mouths.  Adults can spread the disease once infected with the virus but may not have any symptoms.  The infected person can pass the disease to others without knowing it.  There available rotaviral gastroenteritis vaccine that can be very helpful in avoiding serious symptoms.
  • Children and adult are both can be affected by noroviruses.  It can easily be got from contaminated water or food.  Though it can also be transferred through the transmission from person to person.




What are the natural stomach flu cures?

1.     Settle your stomach.

Stay away from eating solid foods for only some hours.






2.     Take small sip or drink of water.

Drink a lot of liquid each day by taking little and sips often.  Drinking soda may also do well like Sprite or 7UP.  Non caffeinated sports drinks may also be helpful.  This may help a lot in preventing the illness to get worse.  This can be an effective way in natural stomach flu cures.





3.     Eat tasteless food.

Slowly start on eating tasteless and foods that are easy to digest like gelatin, soda crackers, chicken and rice.  Discontinue eating if feeling of nausea comes back.





4.     Keep away from certain foods until your feeling has improved.

Avoid from eating caffeine, dairy products, alcohol and fatty or highly seasoned foods for it will only aggravate the condition.






5.     Take a rest.

Take plenty of rest because you may feel tired and weak due to dehydration.  This may be one of the helpful ways in natural stomach flu cures.






6.     Take extra careful in taking medications.

Be careful in taking medications because there are medicines that can only upset your stomach.  Consult first always your doctor before taking any medications for stomach flu since some can cause liver toxicity particularly in children.






7.     Practice washing of hands thoroughly.

Washing of hands thoroughly can prevent the spreading of the disease.  Teach your children to wash their hands especially each after using the toilet.  Always bear in mind to wash cuticles, beneath fingernails and in the crease of the hands with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds then rinse thoroughly.  Always bring hand sanitizer or towelettes with you so you can use it anytime when there is no water and soap.




8.     Make use of separate individual items.

Do not make into practice the sharing of glasses, plates, spoon and fork inside the home.  Make use also of separate towels in the bathroom to prevent the illness from spreading.






Inform your doctor immediately if there are any symptoms of stomach flu especially if the infected is a baby or young children to give an immediate proper medical attention.

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