9 Helpful Home Remedies of Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless leg syndrome or RLS is a condition wherein your legs feel tremendously not comfortable while you are sitting or lying down.  There is the feeling of standing up and walking around.  The unpleasant feeling of restless leg syndrome goes away temporarily after doing the sensation of moving around.  Restless leg syndrome may occur at any age and normally get worse as you get older.  Women have greater risk of having restless leg syndrome than men.  Restless leg syndrome can disturb sleep at nighttime making you feel drowsy during daytime.

There are several easy self-care measures that may help you to ease this condition.  Medications can also be helpful to people with restless leg syndrome.

What are the symptoms of restless leg syndrome?

People affected with restless leg syndrome usually describe the feeling in their thighs, calves feet or arms as the following.

  • Tingling
  • Crawling
  • Creeping
  • Cramping
  • Electric
  • Painful
  • Pulling
  • Tense
  • Itchy
  • Burning

The symptoms of restless leg syndrome begin after sitting or lying down for longer period of time like watching in a movie theatre, riding in a car or airplane.  The symptoms mostly occur at night than during the daytime.  This is the reason why restless leg syndrome can be related with another condition called periodic limb movements of sleep or PLMS.  PLMS is the involuntary bending and extending of the legs during at sleep being unaware of doing it.  There are hundreds of kicking or twitching movements may take place all through the night.

What are the causes of restless leg syndrome?

There are a lot of cases of restless leg syndrome wherein the causes are not known.  Medical researchers believe that the imbalance of brain chemical dopamine can trigger this condition.  Since dopamine is the one responsible in sending messages to control the movement of the muscle.  The following factors may be related in causing restless leg syndrome.

  • If restless leg syndrome runs in the family you may have greater possibility of having one particularly if the condition occurs at an early age.
  • Pregnancy may also be one of the factors due to hormonal changes.  For some women who are already affected before pregnancy, restless leg syndrome symptoms get worse temporarily during pregnancy.  For some that it is being experience for the first time during pregnancy, symptoms of restless leg syndrome occur during the last trimester but normally disappear rapidly after giving birth.
  • Damage in the nerves of the hands and the feet or called peripheral neuropathy.  This occurs due to persistent disorder like diabetes and alcoholism.
  • Deficiency in iron even being not anemic can make the restless leg syndrome get worse.  Frequently donating of blood, having heavy menstrual periods or bleeding from the stomach or bowel are the condition that may cause iron deficiency.
  • Kidney failure may also be related with iron deficiency.  The iron that stores in the blood may tend to decline if the kidneys are not functioning properly.

What are the home remedies of restless leg syndrome?

There are simple ways that can help to ease the symptoms of restless leg syndrome and these are the following.

1.     Intake of pain relievers.

Taking an over-the-counter pain reliever may alleviate the sensations and twitching movements during the occurrence of the mild symptoms.





2.     Taking warm bath and massage.

Let your legs soak in a warm bath while massaging it can help to relax your muscles.  Try to regularly start and end your day with gentle massage or stretching exercise.





3.     Apply warm or cold packs.

Applying of warm or cold packs or even alternating it can reduce the sensation in your limbs.






4.     Try to do relaxation techniques like yoga or meditation.

Try to relax particularly before going to sleep at night since stress can make the restless leg syndrome get worse.





5.     Observe good sleep hygiene.

It is very essential to observe a good sleep hygiene since fatigue makes the restless leg syndrome symptoms get worse.  If possible, good sleep hygiene should have a quiet, cool and comfy sleeping environment.  Getting sleep at the same time, waking up at the same time and getting an adequate sleep to have a good rest.




6.     Doing regular physical exercise.

Doing regular and moderate physical exercise may help to alleviate the restless leg syndrome symptoms.  However, do not overdo it at the gym or doing work out very late during daytime can only aggravate the symptoms.





7.     Avoid intake of caffeine.

Try to avoid drinking products with caffeine like tea, coffee and soft drinks for it may to lessen the symptoms of restless leg syndrome.





8.     Avoid alcohol and tobacco.

Avoid alcohol and tobacco for it may only trigger the symptoms of restless leg syndrome.





9.     Remain mentally alert in the evening.

Drowsiness and boredom before bedtime can make symptoms of restless leg syndrome get worse.  Answering crossword puzzles or playing video games can help you to stay attentive and may lessen the restless leg syndrome.





These are the home remedies that can help to ease the symptoms of restless leg syndrome.  However, it is still important to seek medical help from your doctor if you are having trouble with restless leg syndrome.



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