4 Natural Ways To Lower Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

Gestational hypertension or pregnancy induced hypertension is also a sign of eclampsia or hypertensive disorder of pregnancy. When you are  pregnant and your blood pressure shoots up, it is not something that you could just dismiss. Pregnant women usually have lower than normal blood pressure because the demand for blood is increased. A woman’s blood supply has two routes to go to when she becomes pregnant—her own body and the developing fetus.

Having an elevated blood pressure during pregnancy is a very dangerous thing to deal with. The development and the life of the fetus in the mother’s womb depend on the good supply of blood from the mother. Hypertension during pregnancy results to poor blood flow to the uterus, causing the weak attachment of the placenta. When this happens, nutrient supply from the mother shuts down and it is most likely that the fetus will be expelled too early.

When you think that you are already suffering from symptoms of hypertension during your pregnancy, you should immediately consult your doctor. If uncontrolled, this could lead to premature birth, heart attack, stroke, damage to vital organs (kidneys, brain, and liver), seizures, and eventually, death. It is really scary for both the mother and the fetus. Your doctor might give you conventional medications to help control your condition but also consider these natural ways to lower blood pressure during pregnancy:


1. Ideal weight

Maintaining your ideal weight is another one of the natural ways to lower blood pressure during pregnancy. But with all the cravings and excuses to eat, this may be a little difficult to do. You would have to seek the help of a dietitian or a strict family member to do this. Many food alternatives are available if your still want to have the taste without going over your daily calorie count.




2. Regular exercise

Of course you still have to move your body even if you are pregnant. This is one of the nest natural ways to lower blood pressure during pregnancy. If you have no problems with your pregnancy, regular exercise is recommended for you to have an ideal circulation and blood pressure.




3. Diet modification

One of the natural ways to lower blood pressure during pregnancy is to make some alterations in your diet. You should make sure that you have a number of small meals in a day with non-junk snacks to make sure that you have the right weight during your pregnancy. It is important for you to lessen the salt that you take in. Salt attracts water and with more fluids crowding up your blood vessels, your blood pressure has nowhere to go but up. You should then increase the intake of potassium-rich foods. This means that you should have more bananas, potatoes, watermelon, cantaloupe, zucchini, and oranges. Work with your doctor to make sure that you have all the potassium-rich foods in your list.



4. Lifestyle changes

Changes in your lifestyle is needed for you to achieve a normal blood pressure. This is one of the essential natural ways to lower blood pressure during pregnancy. You should always remember that as a pregnant woman, you should not smoke, take caffeine, or drink alcoholic beverages. These substances may bring harm to you and to your developing baby. The elevated blood pressure that it is going to give you is only one of the many things to expect. Another one of the natural ways to lower blood pressure during pregnancy is to de-stress. This dilates the blood vessels and prevents your blood pressure from shooting up. Good ways to relax is massage and meditation. Look for the best means by which you could really get rid of the negative energy. If you are relieved of your stresses and strains, then you and your baby will benefit greatly on a long term basis. Feeling gentle strokes kneading against your skin really helps in better circulation. This reduces pain in a lot of areas of your body because oxygenated blood reaches every area. In meditation, you have the opportunity to be one with your mind and body. Proper breathing exercises and soothing music help you eliminate all worries. This substantially makes your blood pressure go down.

Pregnancy is a big responsibility. Hypertension and a baby inside you is not a good combination. You have to consult with your doctor is you want to treat it safely and if you want to make sure that your baby is safe. These natural ways to lower blood pressure during pregnancy are ideal for you to have alongside your normal treatments. Keep in touch with your doctor at all times so that your progress will be well evaluated.

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