9 Natural Cure for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are the reddened and swollen veins within the anus and lower rectum.  Hemorrhoids are the effect from hard straining throughout the bowel movements or due from the increased heaviness on these veins all through the pregnancy.  Hemorrhoids, also known as piles, if situated inside the rectum it is called internal hemorrhoids, if it developed underneath the skin surrounding the anus it is called external hemorrhoids.  It is an ordinary illness that affect partly of the adults wherein they experience uneasiness, itching and even bleeding on the part of the anus which can be the indication of hemorrhoids.  Luckily, there are efficient natural cure for hemorrhoids available to obtain relief from the symptoms brought by hemorrhoids.

What are the signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids?

  • There is a presence of light red blood during bowel movements.
  • There is irritation or itching in the anal area.
  • There is a feeling of soreness or uneasiness in the anal area.
  • There is inflammation in the region of the anus.
  • There is the presence of bump or lump close to the anus which may be tender or sensitive.
  • There is a leakage of stool.


What are the types of hemorrhoids?

  • Internal hemorrhoids are located within the rectum.  It is frequently cannot b seen or even feel and it does not cause uneasiness.  However, the passing of stool can harm the delicate exterior part of hemorrhoids causing irritation and bleeding.  When straining move forward the internal hemorrhoid all the way through the anal cavity that will cause soreness and pain this will lead to prolapsed or protruding hemorrhoid.
  • External hemorrhoids are located underneath the skin in the region of the anus.  It can cause itchiness or bleeding when aggravated.  Occasionally, there is blood pooling in the external hemorrhoid forming coagulation that may lead to intensive pain and inflammation.


What are the causes of hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoid enlarges due to the raise in pressure in the lower part of the rectum.  Factors that might result in enhanced pressure that will lead to hemorrhoids are the following.


  • Straining throughout the bowel movements.
  • Sitting on the toilet for an extended time.
  • Persistent diarrhea or constipation.
  • Being obese or overweight.
  • Women who are having pregnancy.
  • Anal sexual intercourse.

It is likely to develop hemorrhoid if it runs to the family.  Hemorrhoids are more possibly to obtain as the person get older for the reason that the tissue holding the veins of the rectum and anus grow weaker and being extended with aging.

What is the natural cure for hemorrhoids?

The following are the natural ways to ease the pain and inflammation of hemorrhoids.

1.     Apply topical treatment.

Apply an over-the-counter hemorrhoid cream or insert suppository with the content of hydrocortisone.






2.     Maintain the anal region clean.

Have a shower or if possible bathe everyday to clean the skin in the region of the anus softly with warm water.  Do not use soap for it will only make the problem worsen.  Soaking the anal area in warm water for ten to fifteen minutes a day for two to three times may help to relieve the pain.  Dry the area gently with hair dryer after each bathing.  This may be one of the efficient natural cures for hemorrhoids.




3.     Avoid using dry toilet paper.

After having bowel movement makes use of moist novelettes or unscented wet toilet paper in cleaning the anal area.  Do not use dry toilet paper for it will only irritate the affected part.





4.     Apply cold pack.

Apply cold packs on the anus to ease the inflammation.  This is considered as one effective way of natural cure for hemorrhoids.






5.     Intake of oral pain relievers.

Intake of oral pain reliever can help to ease the uneasiness momentarily.






6.     Drink a lot of water.

Drink water or fluids with six to eight glasses everyday to maintain the softness of the stool.






7.     Eat foods rich in fiber.

Include fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber in your diet.  This will help a lot to make the stool soft and keep you away from straining that can be a cause of hemorrhoids or aggravate the symptoms of existing hemorrhoids.




8.     Regular exercise or any physical activity.

Regular exercise or performing any physical activity can help to avoid constipation.  Staying to be energetic will help not only to improve the symptoms of hemorrhoids but also help to lose extra weight that may contribute to hemorrhoids.






9.     Intake of fiber supplements.

Studies revealed that over-the-counter fiber supplements can help to have a regular bowel movement and soften the stool that will improve the symptoms and prevent from bleeding.  Just be sure to drink eight glasses of water or any fluids in a day because taking this supplement without enough water will just worsen constipation that will lead or contribute to hemorrhoids.





These are the natural cures for hemorrhoids that can help to relieve the overall symptoms of hemorrhoids.  Do not hesitate to ask your doctor if there is still severe pain after trying this treatment.

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