What Natural Remedies For Constipation Could Do For You

Everybody experiences constipation. This is the condition wherein you cannot defecate regularly. When you are constipated, your waste is crammed into your large intestine and not eliminated in a day even several days at a time. Constipation results to a feeling of being bloated, gas accumulation, and stomach ache. It really makes you uncomfortable all day as you go about your regular activities, knowing that you are not yet rid of your solid wastes yet.

If constipation rules your life these days, you may be tempted to try the laxatives on the pharmacy shelves. As you know, these are synthetically manufactured medications that are even flavored to relieve you of that heavy feeling. Most people these days resort to natural remedies as a solution to their bowel dilemma. This makes them deal with much less side effects to worry about. Try these natural remedies for constipation that you could discuss with your doctor:


1. Apples

All forms of apples are natural remedies for constipation. It is one of the fruits that is very rich in fiber that really helps you get your bowels going. One or two glasses a day works wonders to loosen up your stool. You could also eat it raw, as pulp in sauces, and as apple cider vinegar in a tonic.





2. Raisin concoctions

Raisins are also one of the natural remedies for constipation that you could combine with other fruits. One concoction that you can make is a combination of raisins, figs, prunes, olive oil, and water (1/2 cup each) that you need to simmer. After a few minutes, you filter this and drink it. Another is combining raisins and dates and simmering them in milk. You should let this cool and then drink the concoction about thirty minutes before you sleep. If you have diabetes, you should inform your doctor about this because of the high sugar content.



3.  Simple food

Eating simple food is one of the recommended natural remedies for constipation. Simple dishes or food items are easier to digest and therefore go through your digestive tract much easier. Simple foods should be eaten for breakfast and lunch. You could indulge yourself with complicated dishes at dinnertime. Eating “complicated” foods at dinnertime gives your body more time to break things down.




4. Acupressure

Acupressure is one of the natural remedies for constipation wherein you have certain points of your bodies pressed. There are energy points that target constipation. Pressing on the points for about three to five minutes everyday will help you be relieved of constipation.





5. Enema

One of the invasive natural remedies for constipation is enema. This is a process wherein water is pushed into the colon through a pump. Through this, peristalsis is stimulated and completely clears up your large intestines. Even the stuck, old fecal matter will be removed as well.





6. Yoga

Natural remedies for constipation include yoga. This involves poses and stretches that enable your digestive system to improve in function. Yoga also gets rid of your stress and tension that contribute greatly to constipation. About ten to fifteen minutes of yoga everyday when you wake up is very ideal.




7. Naturopathy

Naturopathy is a process that uses naturally occurring elements to relieve certain disorders. Mud and water therapies are used to treat constipation. In mud therapy, a mud pack is placed in the stomach area. This allows for the toxins and heat to be drawn out of your body.





8. Fiber-rich diet

Having a great deal of fiber in your everyday diet is one of the many natural remedies for constipation that you could effectively do. Fiber is a good absorber of water. It creates bulk to eliminate the solid wastes easily. Vegetables, fruits, and whole grain foods, combined with sufficient water intake and regular exercise would really help in making sure that you are rid of constipation.




There are so many causes of constipation. You could have it when you decide to change your diet all of a sudden. As you know, your body loves routine so when you disrupt that, constipation is one of the conditions that you get. Stress also causes constipation. It gives your body so much tension that the muscles in your digestive system can’t contract well anymore. This results to an ineffective elimination of wastes. Resorting to natural remedies for constipation is a very ideal move if you really want to stay organic in your lifestyle. You could discuss the given natural remedies for constipation with your doctor to see which of them would be best for your health condition and lifestyle.

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