9 of the Best and Safest Natural Laxatives For Pregnant Women

Normally, your uterus does not compress your colon. When a woman gets pregnant, her uterus expands. When this happens, pressure is constantly applied to your large intestine and rectum. This impedes the normal contraction of that part of your digestive tract. This results to constipation, wherein you cannot defecate. This is accompanied by constant urination because the expanded uterus also compresses the urinary bladder. When you’re pregnant and you urinate a lot, very little water is reabsorbed in your colon. This event also contributes in your constipation as well.

Most of the time, pregnant women ask their doctors for commercially prepared laxatives with a myriad of side effects. Natural laxatives for pregnant women really help in loosening your stool and eliminating the solid waste without you worrying about the negative effects that they will give you. One thing that you should take note in taking natural laxatives for pregnant women is that you should not take them in high doses because this leads to further constipation. Consider these natural laxatives for pregnant women that you may want to discuss with your doctor:


1. High fiber

One of the effective natural laxatives for pregnant women is having a high amount of fiber in your diet. As you well know, fiber loosens, adds bulk, and softens your stool. It absorbs water that you take in and therefore makes it as a lubricant for easier passage of stool. You could get your fiber allowance from fruits and vegetables like apples, chick peas, soy beans, soy flour, apricots, barley, dried figs, beans, artichokes, and whole grains.



2. Increase fluid intake

Increasing your fluid intake is also one of the natural laxatives for pregnant women. Water apparently makes it easier for the stool to pass. This liquid fully hydrates you entire system. It also exerts pressure on the vital organs and this helps in pushing out the stool. An average of eight to ten full glasses of water helps in getting rid of the toxins from your body. Natural fruit juices also help in mobilizing your stool.




3. Prunes

Another one of the common natural laxatives for pregnant women is taking in prunes (cooked, dried, or juiced). This is similar to the effects of fiber in your body. It draws in water and makes you eliminate stool easier. Just make it part of your everyday meals to help your system get used to it.




4. Regular exercise

Exercising while your are with child is one of the best natural laxatives for pregnant women. This allows you to improve the circulation and increase your metabolism. An increase in metabolism makes you flush out more toxins from your body a lot faster. It also facilitates better peristaltic movement, that makes your bowel mobile. You could perform yoga, mild cardio, swimming, and walking depending on how pregnant you are already.




5. Routine in eating

Your body loves routine. When you establish routine in your eating, this is very well considered as one of the natural laxatives for pregnant women. Eating foods with high amounts of fiber early in the morning could help you get things going in your GIT (gastrointestinal tract).





6. Horseradish

Horseradish is one of the effective natural laxatives for pregnant women. A tablespoon of this, steeped for five minutes in one cup of water that has been boiled could help you with your constipation. Just drink it three times daily or incorporate it in your salads to help you get rid of your waste easier.




7. Cabbage

Eating cabbage is also one of the natural laxatives for pregnant women. You could just blanch it and eat it raw or eat it as a stir fry. You could be creative and try various recipes that could make cabbage more appealing and palatable for you.





8. Flax seed

Another one of the natural laxatives for pregnant women is the intake of flax seeds. This adds bulk to your stool that enables it to exit readily. A tablespoon of these seeds steeped for fifteen minutes in a cup of water that is boiled would do the job. Drink the resulting tea once everyday for best results.




9. Beets

Beets are also natural laxatives for pregnant women. These are best eaten raw that you could accomplish by having them in salads. It is only natural for you to have red coloration in your urine when you eat beets. Don’t be alarmed.





Pregnant women should avoid using mineral oil and castor oil as natural laxatives for pregnant women. Castor oil causes uterine contractions that are premature. Aloe vera should be avoided, too, because it is too strong for pregnant women.  Coordinate with your doctor in choosing the best natural laxative that you can use.


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