9 Simple Ways to Achieve Natural Migraine Relief

Migraine attacks are like headache attacks. Sometimes it is sudden, and sometimes, you already anticipate that it is going to take place. A headache is just one of the characteristic symptoms of a migraine. When you have a migraine attack, you experience sensitivity to light, vomiting, and nausea. This is also characterized as a a pain that throbs and is only felt on one side of your head. You may get the aura symptom first before you get the actual migraine attack. It includes disturbances in vision that warns you that a very severe headache is about to happen. You may also experience tunnel vision, eye pain, seeing stars, blind spot, and blurred vision.

It is common for migraines to occur between ten and forty five years of age. Women usually get this more than men do and may be hereditary. Pregnant women have fewer migraines, probably because of the hormonal changes that happen to their bodies. You may have a bout of migraine because of stress, environmental factors, and certain foods. It can be triggered by strong odors, alcoholic beverages, bright lights, allergies, sleep pattern changes, fumes, smoking, exercise, loud noise, and fluctuations in hormones. Some foods that may bring about migraines are processed foods, dairy, avocados, chocolates, baked products, meats, onions, and nuts. Take a look at these methods of natural migraine relief that you may want to try or ask your doctor about:


1. Warm bath

Having a warm bath is also an effective natural migraine relief. This focuses the blood flow on your body, instead of on your head. This also relaxes the tense muscles of your body that will help you relax and sleep after the bath.





2. Dark room

A good natural migraine relief is avoiding bright lights and immediately making your room dark to rest in. This is known to relive the pain brought about by your sensitivity to light. When you just rest or stop moving, this will eliminate the pain caused by the activity. This may take time, maybe a few hours, before it takes effect  but you will be able to feel the difference that it does.



3. Ice pack (base of skull)

Cold substances are known to relieve pain and inflammation. You could use an ice pack as a natural migraine relief. Placing this at the base of your skull will lessen the blood that flows to your head. This lessens the pressure in that area and  with this, the pain is relieved. You should wrap the ice in a plastic bag or cloth so that there may be a barrier. Ice can burn or hurt your skin. Placing your feet in warm water enables the blood to concentrate on your feet instead.



4. Ice pack (temples)

The temples are also target areas for migraines. You could also use an ice pack as a natural migraine relief. Use the warm water technique on your feet as well when you do this.






5. Massage

Massage is used as a natural migraine relief. This is more effective when you use liniments or medicated oils on neck muscles, your head, shoulders, and temples. You can massage by performing a circular motion with gentle, firm strokes.




6. Niacin

Taking niacin or niacinamide is a common natural migraine relief. You should tell your doctor if you want to try this because taking these supplements could cause itching, flushing, and warm sensation.





7.  No stress

Stress is one of the triggers of a migraine. One effective natural migraine relief is avoiding any kind of stress. You can meditate or just empty your mind to make this happen.






8. No exercise

Exercise is another trigger for migraines. Avoiding this is a natural migraine relief that you can really do. Throbbing pain results from exercise because the activity causes more blood to circulate throughout your body. If you are starting to feel uncomfortable during your exercise, it is better to stop it and rest.





9. Pressure points

Applying pressure on certain points of your head or spine is another natural migraine relief. Another person can do this for you. He or she could put pressure two to three inches from the side of your spine or just below your skull’s base. Pressing or squeezing these areas is said to release the endorphin hormones that help eliminate the pain that you feel.





Chills, fatigue, appetite loss, frequent urination, weakness, numbness, and concentration problems also accompany migraines attacks. Check with your doctor for proper diagnosis of what you are feeling. The natural migraine relief that you choose will be more effective if you are well-monitored and guided.

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