9 Very Effective Natural Remedies For Cellulite To Consider

For sure, you constantly look at your body in the mirror. Have you noticed any changes lately? Have you already started noticing lumps in certain placed of your body such as thighs, hips, and your stomach? If so, then you must have cellulite already. This is a cluster of fat that pushes down the connective tissues under your skin. This results to lump formation.

Many commercially prepared products promise you of being cellulite-free in just a few applications. The chemicals that are absorbed by your body through these products could really be overwhelming. Why don’t you look for natural means to help you get rid of your problem cellulite? Here are some of the natural remedies for cellulite  that you could try in the privacy of your own home:


1. Diet modification

Improving your diet is one of the natural remedies for cellulite you can start and continue on your own. You should lessen the amount of fat that you take in. Concentrate more on eating fresh fruits and vegetables instead. Also, avoid caffeine, cigarette smoke, alcohol, soda, and coffee because these cause vasoconstriction that makes your cellulite more obvious. It is also vital that you decrease your salt intake dramatically as well. Make sure that you increase your water intake everyday.



2. Exercise

Regular exercise is one of the effective natural remedies for cellulite. This significantly reduces the amount of cellulite that you have, especially when you target the area that have them. Performing regular exercise will certainly help you control your body weight to help prevent the worsening of your cellulite. Walking, swimming, aerobics, and jogging could be combined with strength and resistance training could really help you get rid of the problem areas. You could hire a trainer to help you focus on specific areas of your body.



3. Essential oils massage

Massaging with the use of essential oils could really help you as one of the natural remedies for cellulite. Some of these oils are chamomile, patchouli, germanium, juniper, cinnamon, clove, lavender, cedar wood, sandalwood, and rosemary. These help you relax and get rid of the cellulite as well. You could also use coconut oil in your massages. This has the same effect as the essential oils given.




4. Concoctions

Some home-made concoctions can be used as natural remedies for cellulite. One is a combination of the essential oils of fennel and rosemary into about 3 teaspoons of almond oil (carrier oil). You can rub this onto your cellulite-ridden area everyday. Another one is to mix dried thyme with some corn oil and grapefruit juice and also rub this onto the affected areas.




5. Coffee

Coffee is one of the natural remedies for cellulite that you could use. One way is to mix come regular coffee with inexpensive lotion and apply on the affected areas. Leave it on your skin for up to two minutes everyday and then rinse it well by showering. Another way is to get the coffee grounds from your coffee maker and massage on your cellulite scarred areas for ten to fifteen minutes. Just make sure to line your bathroom floor with some plastic or newspaper for easy clean up. You could also drink coffee to help with cellulite because it is an effective diuretic that eliminates excess water from your cells. The coffee grounds are also effective in exfoliating your skin that helps make your cellulite less obvious.



6. Sesame oil

You can use sesame oil as an effective exfoliating agent that gets rid of the cellulite and prevents it from coming back.






7. Cocoa butter

Combining cocoa butter with collagen lotion and vitamin E is also one of the very effective natural remedies for cellulite. It also gets rid of your cellulite if used on a regular basis. Cocoa butter also prevents cellulite from recurring.





8. Exfoliate

Natural exfoliation with the use of loofa is one of the common natural remedies for cellulite. This process strips you of your dead skin cells and renews the cells underneath.






9. Natural creams

You could also go to organic health stores and get some natural anti-cellulite creams with active ingredients like sweet clover, lemon, kola nut, ivy, fennel, barley, and strawberry. These are very effective natural remedies for cellulite.






Cellulite is both an aesthetic and a health problem that affects so many women. You could opt for the conventional medical and surgical treatments that your doctor might suggest. But please consider the natural remedies for cellulite given and discuss them with your doctor. This will assure you of a more natural and side-effect free treatment for your cellulite scarred body.

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