9 Very Potent Natural Menopause Remedies Bleeding

One of the menopausal symptoms that so many women experience is bleeding. This usually happens on the latter part of menopause or even right after it. This is brought about by hormonal imbalances that result from insufficient nutrients. It is common knowledge that as you age, the presence of  certain vitamins and minerals in your body decreases. When progesterone levels drop in a woman’s body, bleeding occurs. There may be women that have very high levels of estrogen that the progesterone they have is already being converted to estrogen. This results to bleeding and insulin resistance.

By the time a regularly menstruating woman reaches her late thirties, her period starts to become irregular; accumulates abdominal fat; loses thickness of her hair; loses firmness and fullness of her breasts; loses natural lubrication of her vagina; has mood swings; has night sweats; has insomnia; and has hot flashes. These could only mean that your usual hormones are not produced at a normal level already. Gradually, both estrogen and progesterone will continue to decline until you stop menstruating and producing viable eggs. Bleeding during menopause may also be a result of the dryness of the vagina, infections, fibroid growths in the uterus and even cancer. You should regularly check with your doctor with regard to these.  Heavy bleeding during menopause is called flooding. Here are some natural menopause remedies bleeding  that will help you deal:


1. Lady’s mantle

You can take this herb as one of the effective natural menopause remedies bleeding. You should make sure that you take it three to five days before the actual bleeding to control it. If you want to prevent it, then you should take it one to two weeks before you menstruate. Just take five to ten drops if tincture about three times in one day for two weeks.




2. Sage

Sage is one of the natural menopause remedies bleeding  that has tannins and antispasmodic oils that take care of the excessive bleeding and the pain that accompanies it. It lowers your estrogen and surges of LH and FSH. Just steep one to two teaspoons of sage and sip this all throughout the day. You could also take five to fifteen drops of tincture from the leaves.




3. Yellow dock root and dandelion leaves

Yellow dock root and dandelion leaves are used as natural menopause remedies bleeding. They contribute to the depletion of iron when you have excessive menstrual bleeding. You should avoid taking calcium supplements, bran, coffee, egg yolks, soy, and black tea when you take these herbs. Instead, take citrus fruit juices after to increase iron absorption.



4. Cinnamon

Cinnamon bark is said to be one of the natural menopause remedies bleeding. This is said to take care of uterine cramping and controls flooding. Take a cup of infusion and drink this up to two times daily. You could also sprinkle this in your drinks or food. Avoid cinnamon oil.





5. Bioflavonoids

Bioflavonoids are natural menopause remedies bleeding   because  they are effective in increasing estrogen levels and in strengthening the blood vessels. This is for women who cannot take supplements because of the interactions. You can get bioflavonoids from wild yam root, dong cuai, unicorn root, black cohosh, sasparilla, anise, and fennel. Red, yellow, and orange fruits and vegetables are also excellent bioflavonoid sources.



6. Vitex berries

This is also called chaste berry that is one of the effective natural menopause remedies bleeding. Just take twenty five drops of the tincture several times a day for months. This results to the stabilization of progesterone and therefore lessens the excessive menstrual bleeding.




7. Shepherd’s purse

Shepherd’s purse is one of the natural menopause remedies bleeding  that is very helpdful for those with fibroids that cause the heavy uterine bleeding. You should take this for months before results are evident. Just drink one cup of this herb’d infision everyday. For severe bleeding, place a drop of the tincture under your tongue and after one to two days, your bleeding will decrease.




8. Flax seed

Raw flax seed is one of the natural menopause remedies bleeding  that you could use. You could infuse this and drink it as tea or just take one to five teaspoons of flaxseed oil every morning.





9. Acupressure

You could also use acupressure as one of your natural menopause remedies bleeding. The top of the head and the upper lip’s center right under your nose are points to put pressure on.






Remember to avoid vitamin E, vitamin C, Midol, and aspirin while taking natural menopause remedies bleeding  because they thin your blood. This makes you more prone to bleeding. Herbs that have the same blood thinning effect are wintergreen, pennyroyal, willow bark, red clover, cleavers, and alfalfa. Consult with your doctor for proper guidance.

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