6 Affordable Natural Mole Removal Treatments

Pigment cells in your skin are supposed to be scattered all throughout your body. But when they cluster up in one area, they become very dark and are then seen as moles. Moles are natural marks in your body that may or may not be aesthetically advantageous for you. If you notice that moles are appearing on various areas of your skin where there are usually no mole growths before, then maybe you should have them checked up by your doctor.

There are various causes of moles—genetics, excessive sun exposure, and changes in hormone levels. Atypical Mole Syndrome is a condition that is inherited from your parents or grandparents where in you have so many mole growths in your body. Too much sun without necessary sun protection may result to mole growth. As you know, sun exposure increases melanin formation. When this clusters in your skin, then moles are formed. Fair skinned people have a higher chance at getting moles. Hormonal fluctuations and imbalances result to the formation of moles as well. Women are more prone to having more moles as they age because of the various life phases that they undergo. You may be prescribed with conventional medications that could help you get rid of the unwanted mole growths. But if you do not want synthetic chemicals or harsh procedures, you could consider these natural mole removal ingredients that you could consult with your doctor as well:


1. Dandelion roots

Another natural mole removal method is through the use of dandelion roots. If you plant dandelions in your garden, then you won’t have to buy them. It is effective in removing your unwanted moles. Just get the white, milky fluid from the dandelion roots and apply it on your mole or moles, 2-3 times daily for a few weeks.





2. Tea tree oil

One of the natural mole removal ingredients that you could readily use is tea tree oil. All you have to do is wipe the affected area with tea tree oil for several weeks until the mole falls off. This is utterly painless, affordable, and very easy to do. There will also be no scarring after its application. You could also use this very safe ingredient on warts. Tea tree oil should be applied with a cotton ball or a cotton bud for a more concentrated effect.




3. Sour apple

Another method of natural mole removal is the application of sour apple. You could slice it up and rub it on the moles or use a cotton ball or cotton bud to apply the sour apple juice on the moles themselves at least three times daily. Just a few weeks of using this affordable method will result to the effective removal of your moles.





4. Castor oil

Castor oil application is another natural mole removal ingredient that is readily available and affordable. All you have to do is apply this two times in a day for two weeks and your problem mole will drop off by itself or just shrink. Use a cotton bud or cotton ball in applying castor oil on the moles.





5. Onion juice

You could also use onion juice application as a natural mole removal method. Onion juice could be readily purchased from the grocery store or you could just make it yourself. It is a cheap, non-painful means of getting rid of that mole. Just use a cotton ball or cotton bud on the mole several times in one day and the mole will fall off eventually. This may take time but it will happen. Just make sure that you are not allergic to onions before using this ingredient.




6. Baking soda

Baking soda is also a well-known natural mole removal ingredient. It is usually incorporated into another active ingredient such as castor oil or apple cider vinegar. You could make a baking soda paste using either of the two liquid ingredients. Then, the resulting paste should be applied on the mole or moles several times a day for a few weeks for the effects to take place. The mole or moles that you want removed would just fall off and the skin from which it detached will be left red and slightly tender. Just be patient and this will fade soon. This is very effective on flat moles and is less effective on raised ones.




Trial and error may be done so that you may find the perfect natural mole removal ingredient that really works for you. This may take time but in doing so but you will reap the benefits afterward. Scarring will not take place after you use any of these natural substances. Even if you spend months in using them, nothing is better than getting your natural mole removal treatment in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

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