Natural Teeth Whitening Home Remedies: Inexpensive Ways to Achieve That Million-Dollar Smile

Your teeth are compared to the jewels of your face apart from your eyes. They really tell so much about who you are and how you take care of yourself. It also helps  you win more alliances and friendships when your smile is white and bright. Aside from the aesthetic benefits of good teeth, it also aids in maintaining your good health. Good teeth mean good health. This is why having a healthy set of teeth is really mandatory.

One of the signs that your teeth are really well taken care of is the certain whiteness that they have. White teeth immediately captures the attention of the people that you meet for the first time and really help you get that good impression that you want. These days, so many people look for treatments from their dentists that could whiten their teeth permanently. Sadly, the usual teeth whitening or bleaching treatments are just temporary. But try these natural teeth whitening home remedies that just might help you achieve whiter teeth on a permanent basis:


1. Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is also one of the natural teeth whitening home remedies that you could use. There might be some burning sensation around the gums but right after you use this, you will have a whiter set of choppers. You could rub it on your teeth with cotton or use it as a gargle. Just make sure that you do not swallow it. Make sure that you spit it out completely and rinse your mouth thoroughly.




2. Baking soda

Baking soda has always been used to remove stubborn stains on cooking utensils. This is one of the natural teeth whitening home remedies that you could find in your kitchen. Baking soda could really be used to remove the stains from your teeth and make them whiter. You could use it on its own on a wet toothbrush or just mix it with your regular toothpaste of you’re put off by the taste.



3. Wood ash

Wood ash is an unconventional way to whiten your teeth. It has potassium hydroxide that bleaches your teeth. It also removes the plaque. Just be careful not to rub too hard because you might thin out the enamel too much so don’t use it long term. You can mix it with your toothpaste for easier application.





4. Strawberries

Strawberries are also part of the natural teeth whitening home remedies list. It has acids, seeds, and sugars that help in the whitening process. You could just rub strawberries against your teeth or mash it and use it as a homemade toothpaste.





5. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one of the common natural teeth whitening home remedies. It is acetic acid that helps soften and corrode the stains on your teeth. This makes your teeth whiter and cleaner. Try to avoid using it on a long term because of the high acidity that might weaken your enamel.





6. Homemade toothpaste

To make homemade toothpaste,mix hydrogen peroxide, salt, regular toothpaste, and baking soda. Surely, your teeth will be much whiter by the end of the brushing.






7. Bleach

Regular bleach that you use at home also helps in the whitening of your teeth. This is also what dentists use. Just mix a teaspoon of bleach with a liter of water and use it as a mouthwash for 30 seconds. Do not swallow it. Spit it out and brush your teeth with regular toothpaste or baking soda.





8. Table salt

Salt is also one of the natural teeth whitening home remedies that are very effective. You could use it as a mouthwash or mix it with toothpaste. A good rinsing of mouthwash would be very helpful to get rid of the salt sediments from your mouth.





9. Sage

One of the effective natural teeth whitening home remedies is sage. This also has antibacterial, astringent, and antifungal properties that make your teeth and entire oral cavity a very pleasant environment. You could just brush your teeth with sage leaves or use its powdered form and combine it with baking soda or the toothpaste you always use.





10. Licorice root

Licorice root is also known as one of the natural teeth whitening home remedies. It has long been used to clean teeth in Africa. Evidently, majority of the African people do have very white teeth. Just chew on a small piece of dried licorice root and this would release the fibers that help give that cleansing and whitening effect.





Keep in mind that you should coordinate with your dentist as you use these natural teeth whitening home remedies so that safety can be assured. With proper use, these very cheap teeth whitening alternatives could truly make you look like a star!

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