Natural Tears: The Best Resort for Ocular Dryness

We use our eyes everyday so like anything that is all taxed up by the end of the day, they get tired and dried up. Most of the time we tend to overuse our eyes, stay exposed to the elements, and perhaps, neglect proper eye care that is why they reach their limit. Plus the fact that as you age, you already lose the normal moisture content of your eyes. When this happens, you experience irritation and burning sensation in your eyes. In such instances, do not rub your eyes because this could only result to secondary infection that may take longer to treat.

In safely correcting the dryness that your eyes have, an ocular lubricant is often prescribed by your ophthalmologist.This is where natural tears enter the scene. The frequency of the application of natural tears onto your dry eyes depends on the gravity of the dryness. Mild conditions usually need up to four times of administration in a day. If you are diagnosed with severe eye dryness, you could administer natural tears  up to There is nothing like a natural eye lubricant that could deliver moisture to your dry eyes. But even before you use natural tears, here are some important details that you need to know:


1. Precautions

Natural tears should not be used at all if you are diagnosed with a fungal, bacterial, or viral infection. But it could be used in conjunction with an antifungal, antibacterial, or anti-fungal medication. Tell your doctor if you wear contact lenses so that you may know if the natural tears that you’re using will or will not react to them. To be sure, wait about fifteen minutes after administering natural tears before you put on your contacts. If you develop any visual changes or pain, you should immediately stop using the natural tears and tell your doctor immediately. Upon administering this, you should not let the tip of the dropper touch any surface of your eye or hands to prevent any possible contamination. As you know, any form of contamination may lead to possible infection. If the color of the natural tears that you use has already changed, do not use it anymore. Ask for a brand new prescription for it. Take note that you should not use any other eye lubricant with natural tears and immediately report to your doctor within seventy two hours if your condition has not improved.


2. Directions

It is mandatory for you to use natural tears according to your doctor’s instructions. Take note that you always read the directions on the label before you use it. Never administer natural tears way longer than you should. Make sure that you always wash your hands before you administer natural tears. This is to ensure that the area of your eyes is safe from contamination. Store the natural tears in a place away from heat and always close it tightly when you are not using it.




3. Dosage

In administering natural tears, you should always remember the drop schedule. But if you do forget, just administer as soon as you remember. Just make sure that it is not too close to the time of the second dose. Do not take double doses of natural tears. If you have overdosed on natural tears, do not panic because this is not fatal at all. Just contact an emergency professional, go to the nearest emergency room, or call poison control.




4. Side effects

When you use natural tears, side effects are not expected to occur at all. But there are noted adverse effects brought about by using eye drops that are similar to natural tears such as eye irritation, eye pain, visual changes, photophobia, hyperemia, discomfort, eyelash stickiness, and persistent redness. Just remember to contact your doctor immediately if you experience any untoward reaction during the treatment. It would really help if you discuss any sensitivities that you may have with your doctor so that you will be immediately helped just in case you experience an episode from one of the minor components of natural tears.



5. Interactions

Every medication is known to interact to other medication. If you are taking other medications, these could actually interact with natural tears. That’s why it is mandatory for you to tell your doctor every single supplement or medication that you are taking before you take natural tears. If you already taking natural tears and have to take a new prescription from another doctor, then you should also tell your ophthalmologist about it.



Remember that you should always be in touch with your doctor when you use natural tears. This is to make sure that your dry eyes really improve and not result to further infections that may take time to treat.

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