Pointers in Performing Neck Massage

When you are busy doing so many things at the same time, you tend to forget about your posture. Whether you’re standing or sitting, you tend to slouch and this brings so much strain on your shoulders and nape. This is because the muscles of your neck connect the base of your skull with your spine, scapula, clavicle, and humerus.

Several activities could all simultaneously work these various parts that further stress out your neck area. This just shows how big the job of your cervical spine is. It holds your eight-pound head while making sure that everything is coordinated with the rest or your upper body. No wonder it is the most common pain complaint.

Some people resort to OTC pain medication when they experience neck pain while some just sleep it off. Why not get a neck massage and see how much better your neck is going to feel. Read on and try these neck massage pointers to help you get started:

1. Trim nails

Before you perform a neck massage, make sure that you clip and file your nails. As you know, the neck muscles are very fine and small. You have to use the tips of your fingers to access some of them. Trimming your nails is required so as not to hurt your partner when you stroke and press the neck area. Part of the neck massage is the comfort of the sensation in the touch that you provide. You wouldn’t want to leave scratches and bruises there, would you?



2. Adjust table

See to it that you adjust the massage table’s height when you are finally seated next to your partner. This will allow you to have better access and perform better pressure kneads on your partner’s neck during the neck massage.





3. Clothes on

Your partner can leave his or her clothes on or just wrap a blanket or towel around his or her body for extra comfort. Tell your partner to lie face up. You should position yourself at the massage table’s head with both your forearms placed on the sides of his or her head during the neck massage.




4. Cup the skull

When you start the neck massage, cup the base of the skull with the use of your left hand and rotate its palm towards you. Using the palm of your right hand, rub your partner’s neck. Then when you reach the midpoint of the neck and shoulder, press it with the heel of your right hand. You should use a massage oil to make the strokes smoother. Alternate these strokes with both your hands, about five times.



5. Loose fists

With both your hands, form loose fists. Place them on both sides of the neck near the skull’s base. Rotate the fists as you move down to the shoulders. Do the rotation massage backwards until you reach the skull’s base. Do this about five times. Again, massage oil is required for  much smoother strokes.





6. Base of neck

Next pointer in the neck massage is to place your fingertips at the area of your partner’s neck where it meets the upper back. Make sure that you have your fingers together to support the strokes. Perform circular strokes as you move to the base of the skull. Press the tips of your fingers at the base of the skull and lightly pull. Repeat this massage five times.




7. Rotate

With your left hand, cup your partner’s skull base and rotate his or her head towards the left side. Then, perform a circular massage upwards with the use of your right hand in a loose fist. Do this about five times and then move to the left side of the neck.





8. Cat knead

Use the heels of both your hands in this neck massage. Press the heels in the area where it meets your partner’s shoulders. Do it alternately like a cat that kneads on a pillow.






See to it that you always start the neck massage with very light pressure, gradually progressing to a pressure that is suited for your partner. Also make sure that your partner’s head is supported enough. Never massage in front of the neck (throat area) or your will subject your partner to choking.  Consult your doctor to make sure that the neck massage is suited for you in your present health status. Just don’t put too much pressure because you might induce bruises and constrict nerves or blood vessels in the neck area. Be careful of every stroke that you perform.

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