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6 Overlooked Causes of Back and Hip Pain

Everyday, all over the world, people experience body aches and pains. The most common of these pains are those located in the lower back and hips. Simultaneous pain in the lower back and hips should be given much attention because this may very well be a sign of some underlying condition. There are many possible apparent causes of lower back and hip pain. Gaining weight gives additional pressure on your lower back muscles. This presses on the nerves and the circulation in that area. Weak abdominal muscles are unable to support the lower back muscles. Abdominal muscles are our body’s natural belt. If this part is weak, then the lower back suffers. Increased wheat and meat intake in your diet cause increased pain and inflammation. Other similar causes of lower back and hip pain are lack of water in your body, and a very soggy, droopy bed.

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