The 10 natural ways to quit smoking

Do you want to quit smoking but don’t know how to start?  What are the harmful effects of smoking that will really make you convinced to quit?

Smoking is one of the universal forms of leisure drug use.   It is habitually exercise by over a billion of people wherein a substance in a form of tobacco is burned and the smoke produced is inhaled or tasted.  Upon combustion, the nicotine an active substance is being released and absorbed through the lungs.  The mainly ordinary method of smoking nowadays is through cigarettes.  A medical study showed that smoking caused much disease that can even lead to death.

How did smoking started?  It was started as early as 5000 BC which evolved in connection with spiritual ceremonies as an offering.  After the discovery of the European and invasion of the Americans, smoking of tobacco had put into practice and hastily reaches the different part of the world.

Unfortunately, there are lots of harmful effects it can bring in the body.   Maybe, it can give a delightful feeling to those who are use to it not knowing the dangerous effects of a long-term smoking.


Harmful Effects of Smoking

  • The most destructive effect of smoking in human body is death.  There are hundreds of thousands of people in the whole world die because of the illnesses brought by smoking cigarettes.
  • One in two long-term smokers dies in their mid life.
  • Smoking cigarettes as well as smoking tobacco may cause several cancers.
  • Smoking strain the heart and blood vessels for it enhances the heart rate and the blood pressure due to the content of nicotine and carbon monoxide.
  • It can slow down the blood flow, decreasing the amount of oxygen to the feet and hands that can lead to heart attacks and stroke.
  • Tar can cover the lungs like a dust in a pipe that can cause lung cancer.
  • Low-tar cigarettes can also cause a harmful effect since smokers regularly acquire a deeper puffs and hold the smoke in for longer, pulling the tar deeper inside the lungs.
  • The damage cause of smoking frequently resulted to years of suffering.  Emphysema is one of the disease causes of smoking that gradually rots the lungs.  A person with emphysema often gets bronchitis repeatedly and suffers heart failure.
  • The tar found in tobacco can cause lung cancer.  Smokers are more prone to die from lung cancer than to those who do not smoke.
  • Smoking also causes heart attack because of the fat it deposits making the blood vessels narrowed and blocked.
  • Smokers most commonly develop heart disease and strokes than non-smokers.
  • Smoking is also considered hazardous throughout the pregnancy for it enhances prematurity, low birth weight and prenatal mortality which pertain to as the fetal tobacco syndrome.


If you really value your life then so you should stop smoking right now!  After knowing all the harmful effects brought by smoking there will be no reason at all to still continue it.  Let us now learn the natural ways in quitting smoking.

The 10 natural ways to quit smoking

 1.      Set a date of refraining from smoking

 Record the date of refraining or a quit date with your signature and with the helpful witness.






2.  Note down all the reasons in a sheet of paper

  This should always be close to you to remind you of the important reasons why you have to quit    smoking.





3.  Prevent from buying cartons of cigarettes, as getting prepared to quit.

  Carry only two or three sticks of cigarettes with you at a time.    Sooner or later, you will            discover that when you would like to smoke, you won’t have any instantly available.  This will    gradually deprive you from cigarettes.





4.  Have a list of what time you smoke and what you’re doing when you feel the craving.

 In this way, you may have knowledge on what usual time of the day or activities that enhance  you’re craving from smoking.





5.  Plan a list of things to do once a longing to smoke feel.

 Some of the things that can help are drinking a glass of water, wash the car, wash your face, take a  nap, drink a cup of coffee or tea, practices your deep breathing and others.





6.  Drink a cup of herbal tea when you feel like smoking.

 Drinking of herbal tea will get the same relief that the nicotine offered.






7.  Instead of a cigarette habit, try the nut habit.

 One cigarette you want to smoke is equivalent to the four pieces of nuts in one shell.  In this way,  you’re getting the similar physical and oral feelings you experience in smoking.





8.  Have an appointment with the acupuncturist.

 There is some proof that auricular acupuncture or needles in the ears repress cigarette craving  quite successfully.





9.  Make a smoke-free zone.

 Put a “No Smoking” signs inside your house and even inside your car.  Don’t let anyone use  cigarettes inside your home.






10.  Have a healthy snack ready for you.

  Always keep a healthy snack with you as a replacement whenever there is a craving in smoking.






A great determination and with all these natural ways will bring a great help to quit smoking.


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