11 Established Causes of Female Weight Gain

Women have always been known for their hormone fluctuations. Hormones play a very big role in their overall well-being. They are also responsible for female weight gain. Female bodies tend to undergo more changes than the male ones. Every slight glitch or twitch that women experience makes their hormones change very quickly. This influences the way they look at themselves, at the world, and at the way they live and eat.

When women are very anxious, for example, the hormone cortisol takes over. This is one of the fat-building hormones that your body doesn’t want at all. But it does get released when anxiety triggers are activated. It is not only the cortisol that gets highlighted. Other hormones that influence moods, skin texture, and hair texture become active as well. And of the woman has really put extreme efforts to have a perfect figure, these hormonal changes may really give them a whole lot to deal with. Here are some of the major reasons why female weight gain is being experienced by women all over the world:


1. Lack of food

Strict diets contribute to female weight gain. These diets make the women eat much less and therefore make their metabolism slower. As a result, more fat is stored instead of burned.






2. Being pregnant

Pregnancy is seen as one of the major reasons for female weight gain. This is because the woman believes that she is already eating for two people. She then overeats and usually goes above the normal extra 300 cal that she has to additionally take in during her delicate state of health.





3. Inadequate sleep

Lack of sleep makes the body store fat more, so that it could sustain activities to make up for the inefficient functioning. This leads to female weight gain if not corrected.





4. Menopausal

The hormonal changes that a woman experiences during her menopausal stage, makes her increase her appetite, which leads to female weight gain. Because of old age, metabolism gets slower and makes it very hard for the woman to get rid of her excess fat.





5. Low fat food

The strict diet programs lead the women to purchase and consume more and more low fat products. They are led to think that these products have much less fats and calories even if they gorge on the, all the time. As a result, female weight gain becomes more evident because of the excessive low fat food that they ingest.




6. Low fiber

Women who prefer low-carbohydrate diets become deficient of the necessary fiber that they should have everyday. Fiber makes you feel full the rest of the day and promote healthy bowel movement. If you have enough fiber in your diet, you decrease the possibility of female weight gain.





7. Stress

When the woman is very stressed and anxious, female weight gain sets in. This is because the body understands that it is already in crisis mode and this makes the body’s metabolism become slower and store fat faster.






8. Fatty acid deficiency

Fatty acids are very important in controlling your cravings and in enhancing your metabolism. Female weight gain takes place when the healthy fatty acids are removed from the diet as well.






9. Bouts of depression

Eating when you are depressed definitely leads to female weight gain. This is because women find food as an immediate best friend in times of emotional crises. The sweets that they take in definitely help you soothe your mind and heart but they stick to your body as fat.





10. Contraceptives

Female weight gain is a usual side effect by most contraceptives. These pills tend to make your body store more water, which adds to the overall weight.






11. Ailments

Illnesses of the ovary, kidneys, heart, and liver often result to female weight gain. Those who also undergo cancer treatments tend to gain more weight. This is because of the inefficient functioning that the vital organs give the body.






Female weight gain can be a big dilemma for women because the additional weight may deprive them of the time and opportunity to become more that who they are now. To resolve this, you should work with your doctor to find out the underlying cause of your sudden weight gain and manage it. Once the underlying cause is dealt with, you can then move on to restarting your lifestyle and transforming it to a much healthier one. One of the best ways to fight female weight gain is to have good nutrition and exercise. Once you have achieved and maintained this, you can say goodbye to permanent female weight gain.

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