Things to Do to Have A Neck Lift Without Surgery

Aging is not always a good thing to look forward to, especially when you have been used to being young and vibrant all your life. Wrinkles and sagging are inevitable when you get on in years and every woman dreams of utterly making them non-existent. Most women are very conscious about them because one can easily spot these skin aging signs in the neck area.

There are certain surgical procedures that can easily get rid of your wrinkle and sagging problems especially in the neck region such as platysmatplasty and neck lipo. But you can never tell how you will react to medications prior, during, and after the surgery. It is always a big health risk to go under the knife even if it is just for aesthetic purposes. Do you really have to be stitched and stretched just so you can look young again?

Why not opt for the non-surgical way of eliminating that turkey neck look? Here are some of the ways you could look good via neck lift without surgery:



1. Makeup magic

Another neck lift without surgery is to apply makeup in a skillfully special way. This best works for those who have minimal sagging skin or turkey neck. A contour color or a bronzer can be applied under your jawline. This creates a shadow that gives that illusion that you have a defined jawline. You could also make use of bright eyeshadows to highlight facial points to draw the attention away from the neck area.



2. Apply creams

It is already cliché to use topical creams on your skin to tighten it up. These specially formulated creams can be classified as neck lift without surgery because of their effects after consistent use. They smoothen and firm up the skin of your neck. They have emollients that retain moisture and eradicate wrinkles. You could purchase them with sunscreen or apply a separate sunscreen to prevent wrinkles from progressing or appearing. These creams also stimulate the production of collagen and improve your skin elasticity.



3. Accessories

Wearing certain types of accessories could be a neck lift without surgery. It is a fun way to explore how you could divert attention away from your neck. Wearing your hair pulled back or up can make your neck look slimmer. Dangling earrings give an angular edge to your jaws and face. Get rid of your round neck blouses and wear the V-necked ones. These draw attention to the chest area rather than to your neck.




4. Diet

Another form of neck lift without surgery is modifying your diet. This includes more fruits and vegetables, green tea, spicy foods. These are all helpful in eliminating excess fat especially spicy foods and green tea that burn fat. They are also very low in calories so surely, your body will be able to assimilate the stored or excess fats in certain areas of your body like your neck. Water is a beverage ideal for you to take if you want to trim off that turkey neck. Stay away from sugary foods and fatty foods that would only bring about more fats to dangle from your neck.



5. Regular exercise

Performing neck exercises is an effective neck lift without surgery. This is a good way of toning up your neck muscles. One of the best neck exercises is sitting up straight while looking forward and then as you look up to the sky, you pull your lower lip over your top lip. Hold this position for a few seconds and then relax. This results to firmer, stronger neck muscles. Stretching your neck is another means of exercising that can help you.



6. Massage

Massaging your neck is another effective neck lift without surgery. Just do it by stroking backwards up with a green tea oil. This also helps tone up those neck muscles and melts the excess fat that goes with them. You just have to do it everyday religiously like exercising. You can have a loved one do it for you if you want. The warmth of the oil will help melt the excess fat away to allow the muscles to contour well around your jaw.




Deciding not to go under the knife to get that neck lift is a very hard decision to make especially when you have no excuse not to have it. But look at the other option of having neck lift without surgery. It is much safer and economical to do these given non-surgical methods. Ask your doctor for guidance on these ways to have neck lift without surgery. These may be all that you need to change your life.

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