Methods to Answer the Need to Lower Blood Sugar Fast

Blood glucose or blood sugar is the primary energy source of your body’s cells. At normal levels, sugar in the blood is 4-6 mmol/Liter or 70-100 mg/dL. It is at its lowest before you eat in the morning and at its highest when you eat. When a person fails to maintain normal levels of blood sugar, either hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia sets in. This is a condition that is known as Diabetes mellitus. Diabetics need to lower blood sugar fast when it rises all of a sudden. It can be really hard for them to continue what they are doing and feel well the rest of the day. If ever they live alone or happen to be in a place without anyone else, it would be very hard for them to seek immediate medical assistance.

For diabetics, it is very detrimental for blood sugar to spike. The reasons may be not exercising, not taking medications, infections, not eating right, medication changes, surgery, malfunction of the pancreas, pregnancy, or trauma. There can be times when you don’t have access to a blood glucose monitoring kit. You may be able to recognize a high blood glucose level when you become increasingly thirsty; when you have dryness of the mouth; when there’s sweating; when there’s more frequent urination; when you experience fatigue; when you have drowsiness; when you become hungrier; and when you have blurred vision. The sugar that is pertained to here is glucose because it is the only carbohydrate that can be regulated by glucagon and insulin. When you need to lower blood sugar fast, you have to have presence of mind and alertness. The following are some of the things you could do as the need to lower blood sugar fast enters the picture:

1. Burn it off

When you need to lower blood sugar fast, the first thing that you have to do is to move. Immediately engage in physical activity like jogging, aerobics, riding a bike, or swimming. If you cannot move because of disability, just move your arms vigorously. Just keep this up for at least ten minutes to lower your blood glucose as soon as possible. Doing this consumes the excess blood sugar in your blood and lowers it.




2. Flush it out

Flushing the excess blood sugar with water immediately will dilute the excess blood sugar and make you flush it out by urinating. After two full glasses of water, have an interval of five minutes and then drink a third glass. You will be able to urinate in a few minutes.





If your elevated blood sugar is accompanied by severe diarrhea, vomiting, visual problems, nausea, fever, foggy thinking, and severe sleepiness even after you have exercised and drank water, you would have to rush to the emergency room already. You need immediate medical attention or you will end up being severely dehydrated or in a diabetic coma. It is very hard to face hyperglycemia if you run in a panic. You have to know what you’re doing and have a cell phone at all times. It could also help you if you have a tag on you that could inform people that you are a diabetic. The need to lower blood sugar fast can happen anytime, anywhere, in any given situation. It is very ideal for you to do the given methods so that you may avoid the possibility of being rushed to the emergency room.

You should make it a habit to bring your BGM kit with you all the time so that you may be able to know your blood glucose level when you need it. If you feel that you are having a hyperglycemic episode, check your blood sugar level. If you are close to exceeding the 300 mg/dL mark, then you have to perform the blood sugar lowering methods. You really need to lower blood sugar fast or you will be in danger.

Remember that the given methods to lower blood sugar when you need to lower blood sugar fast are only temporary ones. They were not designed or formulated to replace the treatment that is prescribed by your doctor. You should still make it a point to have regular exercise, increase your fluid intake, take medication properly on time, and regular blood sugar monitoring.

Other alternative methods to lower blood glucose that are much slower than the given methods are drinking opuntia or cactus petal juice, cinnamon tea, or green tea. Check with your doctor on a regular basis to maintain normal levels of blood sugar.

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