Tips to Do When You Need Help Sleeping

Sleep is probably the best part of the day because in this process, you get to regenerate your cells and recover from all the stresses that you experienced the entire day. It helps you recharge your body and mind so that you may be able to do all those things all over again and perhaps with a chance at a level of improvement.

With all that’s going on in your life, you barely think of getting that much high-quality sleep. All you think about is waking up again and doing all the things that you have to do. Even if sleep is a form of routine already, you get so hyped up by your lifestyle that you couldn’t even get a few hours of sleep anymore. You experience insomnia or sleep deprivation. It is usually caused by too much worries, anxieties, and excitement. Most of the time, this is just considered a temporary thing. When things go back to normal pace, you may notice that you get to start sleeping longer and better again.

During your slumber, you are unaware and unconscious of everything that happens around you. You pass the REM stage (rapid eye movement stage) and the non-REM stage. REM is when your eyes quickly move laterally to each side as you dream. This is the stage when your brain is very active but your body is completely relaxed. In the non-REM stage, your brain rests and stays quiet. In this stage, your body moves around as your body recovers and as hormones are released. It consists of pre-sleep, light sleep, and slow wave sleep. During the non-REM stage, you may talk in your sleep and when you wake up, you seem confused.

Lately, you know that you need help sleeping. It is beginning to worry you because lack of sleep affects your performance at work or school already. You feel tired most of the time; you have a hard time concentrating; you don’t make decisions easily; you get depressed all the time; and you even worry about not sleeping again when you get home. Over time, you may develop hypertension, excessive weight gain, or diabetes. Take note of the following tips that could help you get some much needed sleep:

1. Exercise regularly

If you need help sleeping, start by getting exercise everyday. Start your day with it. If you have trouble getting motivated, get your dog to walk or run with you. It will be healthy for both of you if you do this on a regular basis. This will release all the excess energy and toxins that you have that may affect your insomnia.




2. Get some sun

Get a daily dose of sunlight every morning or in the afternoon. This will help program your body that when it becomes dark, it is time to sleep. This is one of the best remedies when you need help sleeping. Plus, it can help activate your vitamin D to give your bones extra strength.




3. Get comfortable

You should only have one place in the house for rest, and that is your bedroom. Try not to bring your workload to bed. Get comfortable sheets, an orthopedic mattress, and dim lighting. You need help sleeping? You have to make it happen in your bedroom.




4. Avoid stimulants

Caffeine is a very addictive food item that you normally take in excess to help you with your workload, right? But when you need help sleeping, you have to give it up. Your brain is active enough as it is. When you take in a  lot of caffeine up to bedtime, you will never be able to get the rest that you need. Coffee, chocolates, and tea are the primary sources of caffeine. Cut it down and enjoy the benefits of having a long, good sleep.




5. Relax

You should learn how to meditate and relax when you need help sleeping. It is a means of eliminating the stresses of the day. If your mind and body are relaxed, you will fall asleep quicker, better, longer.





6. Eat right

Stick to a healthy diet if you want to sleep right. Healthy meals help your body get all the necessary nutrients that aid in the production of hormones necessary for sleep. So better be conscious of how you eat so your body gets it right when it’s time for bed.





If any one of these methods do not work and you still need help sleeping after two or three weeks, you have to consult with your doctor already so that proper medical interventions may be prescribed to you.

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