Top 10 Best Weight Loss Foods


Being healthy and achieving the ideal weight seems to be a never-ending mission for most people. It seems to be more taxing for those who are overweight than for those who are underweight. Those who weigh more exert tremendous effort to rid themselves of the cellulite and the flabs that they have earned through years of overeating, overindulgence, and   unhealthy living.

Weight loss is an ultimate goal that continues to evolve as technology evolves. Dealing with methods in losing weight is one thing but dealing with the span of time needed in achieving weight loss is another. These days, people want to lose weight in just a matter of months, weeks, or even days. These accelerated weight loss methods are achieved by combining workout with exercise routines formulated by health experts and personal trainers. If you are determined to follow one of these systems, then you should consider the following 10 best weight loss foods as well:

1. Eggs

This food item is an ideal source of protein that makes the person take in fewer calories the entire day. Studies show that if you eat two whole eggs in the morning, you tend to sustain that feeling of fullness longer than if you eat pastry, bread, or meat. This enables you to snack less making you take in lesser calories. Free range eggs are better and more nutritious than commercially-produced ones.



Apples that are sprayed with pesticides are not safe to eat with the peel on. Organic apples should be included in your diet if you want effective weight loss because you could eat the peel. The peel of the apple is where most of the ascorbic acid, iron, and magnesium are found. The peel is also rich in fiber so you just have to eat it as well.


3. Yoghurt (low-fat)

Low-fat yoghurt is one of the 10 best weight loss foods that you really have to pay attention to. It retards the synthesis of fat in your body and hastens fat burning because of its high calcium content. You could replace the mayonnaise in the dips and dressings with plain low-fat yoghurt to make for healthier snacking.



4. Cauliflower

If you want a healthier alternative to mashed potatoes and strictly abide by the 10 best weight loss foods, you learn to love cauliflower. You could just steam the head, mash it, then spice it up with garlic, salt, and a little light butter and you have a side dish rich in ascorbic acid (vitamin C) that strengthens your immune system and sulforaphane that helps fight cancer.


5. Peanuts

Peanuts in single serving packs are great mini-meals that could sustain you for most of the day. If you want to really consider the 10 best weight loss foods, then include peanuts in your diet.




6. Oatmeal

When you have oatmeal for breakfast, you stay satisfied or full longer throughout the entire day. If you have the time to cook oatmeal for breakfast, then do so and mix it up with fruits that you prefer. If you don’t have the time, you could just opt for instant oatmeal or you could just soak the oatmeal in yogurt mixed with fruits and nuts overnight in the refrigerator.


7. Salad

It is more ideal for you to make your salad with spinach, arugula, and mesclun because they much more packed with iron, vitamin C, folate, and calcium. You could also mix in beans, olive oil, and lean pieces of meat to really meet the nutritional needs. Fresh fruits and vegetables incorporated in salads also have high fiber content that helps you rid your digestive system of excess fats.


8. Bulgur wheat

Bulgur is one of the 10 best weight loss foods for so many reasons. It is a very easy-to-prepare whole wheat grain. It only needs to cook for about ten minutes and you could already add in vegetables that you want for a satisfying, fiber-rich meal that is packed with vitamin B6, iron, and vitamin E. It fills you up longer just like oatmeal.


9. Fish

Fish that is grilled or steamed has a very high protein content that helps you get satisfied more than oatmeal or bulgur. This would mean a lot of help for your weight loss because you get to take in fewer calories.




10. Soup

Soup is one of the effective 10 best weight loss foods because water is present. When you have water in food, it adds to the volume of the food and therefore helps you feel fuller faster. You could even add beans and vegetables to help you increase the fiber content more.




Weight loss using any system that you prefer would be faster and more effective if you take note of the 10 best weight loss foods. Combine these with the healthy lifestyle that you have chosen and you are on your way to a leaner future. Don’t forget to consult your doctor for any modifications in your diet.


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