Top 10 Reasons to Quit Smoking During Pregnancy


You may not be aware of it but there are so many kinds of vices that take away a large part of yourself everyday. At some point, you would have to make that life-changing decision of giving up the particular vice that you just can’t live without.

Smoking is one of the most common habits that need to be dealt with by a lot of people. Men and women, young and old seem to hang on to smoking as much as they do drinking or taking drugs. Women who smoke should be ones to give up smoking very early on because of their capability to bear another life in their womb. When they get pregnant, they are responsible for the unborn child that they carry so they really have to consider the 10 reasons to quit smoking during pregnancy. Here are some of the reasons that smoking women must consider once they are with child:


1)      Savings count

You have to admit, cigarettes cost money. If you want to have enough for your pregnancy and baby needs, then you should really take note of the 10 reasons to quit smoking during pregnancy. Every cent counts so u really have to save up and give up the habit.



2)      Avoid “trial by publicity”

People around you tend to judge you with the choices that you make. This idea already causes stress in your life.  You have to avoid or at least lessen the amount of worries that you have during your pregnancy so that you and your baby would be healthy. Confronting other people and absorbing all the negativities around you while continuing your habit during your pregnancy will not help you and your baby at all. Think of the life that you carry and the life that your baby is going to have once you give birth.


3)      Prevent colic

Colic is when your baby suddenly cries and has abdominal pain. Smoking during pregnancy brings about this condition in your baby. By quitting smoking, you prevent this from happening to your child.




4)      Lesser probability of child’s low intellect

If you smoke during pregnancy, your baby receives less oxygenated blood for the needed development inside your womb. This retards your child’s progress in all aspects, especially mental development. You have to magnify the 10 reasons to quit smoking during pregnancy to make sure that your child has a fair chance at life in the real world.


5)      Lesser possibility of respiratory infections

If you smoke while you’re pregnant, there is a big possibility that your baby will develop respiratory infections. Your child’s immune system will also weaken if you don’t quit this habit.




6)      Prevents abruption of the placenta

This is also known as abruptio placentae. This is a condition wherein the placenta’s attachment to your uterus is weakened because of less oxygenation. When you smoke during pregnancy, the blood that reaches the placenta does not have the ideal amount of oxygen. This results to the eventual detachment of the placenta and premature delivery via cesarean delivery or C-section.


7)      Prevents low birth weight

Smoking during gestation results to infants having very low birth weight. When this happens, the infant’s immune system becomes weak, making your child prone to various diseases.




8)      Prevents early labor or delivery

Pre-term labor and delivery result from smoking during pregnancy. If this happens before term, your baby will be too underdeveloped to survive out of your womb. If your baby does survive the delivery, diseases might spring out of your baby after birth, resulting to a long time spent in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit). So you really have to pause and take note of these 10 reasons to quit smoking during pregnancy.


9)      Prevents SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome)

Studies show that infants of smoking mothers (even during pregnancy) suffer from SIDS. Just like when the infant is positioned to lay on his or her stomach during sleeping. So you just have to stop the habit.




10)   Long-term health and happiness

Any mother would really want to have a healthy and happy life with her child. If you take time to look upon the 10 reasons to quit smoking during pregnancy and make your move, then you have a greater chance at achieving this.





If you decide to heed the 10 reasons to quit smoking during pregnancy and really give up the habit, you would have to undergo great difficulty in your withdrawal. To help you cope, just think of the positive effects that your sacrifice will give your child. To make things easier for you, it would be best to be under the supervision of your physician so that you could have the necessary support that you need. It is not easy to make a responsible choice such as having a baby. The joys of smoking can never come close to the worth of the life that you carry in your womb.



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