What Makes the 11 Day Diet Plan a Good Way to Lose Weight?


These days, being busy with almost anything under the sun makes people very stressed and careless with their health. They are very aware of this but they just don’t have the time to focus on what they should do and make that bid step in improving their health. People want fast results in everything because of their busy schedules. Even when you speak of losing and reaching the ideal weight, overnight results are very much demanded and expected.

So many health enthusiasts have tried fast diets over the years. This is to simply answer to the demands of those who want to lose weight in a short period of time. This is often sought after by those who need to be thin by prom night, by their wedding, by the opening of the new restaurant, or some other occasion where they would want to flaunt the new outfit that they bought. The 11 day diet plan is one of these accelerated diets. Here are some of the very unique qualities that the 11 day diet plan has to ever:


1)      Convenient

The 11 day diet plan is a program that really helps you lose weight easily. You could easily go online and get a diet generator that serves as your guide to the entire routine in your eleven days of dieting. The diet generator will formulate the combinations of food that you  have to purchase from your local grocery store and eat for eleven days. It is a perfect diet regime for those who have desk jobs or for those who work at their home office.


2)      Not strict

The author, Sarah Gardner, was clever enough to come up with the 11 day diet plan that doesn’t allow you to starve. It keeps your body metabolizing fast, unlike other diets that practically starve you to death. It is a diet plan that allows you to eat foods that have always been available for you to buy at your local store.



3)      Dynamic

Another good thing about the 11 day diet plan is that it concentrates on calorie shifting. It involves a variety of food items that you eat during the eleven days of the program. It does not confine you to a set of food that you have to eat in boredom over and over again. So, you don’t lose the gusto to continue with the plan. If you eat the same food everyday during the entire diet routine, you tend to burn out and look for another fun alternative. This leads you to only starting diet plans and never actually finishing them.


4)      Focuses on fat loss

The 11 day diet plan is also known as Fat Loss for Idiots. It is a diet that aims to reduce your body’s fat. Your body uses up the fats for energy, and all you have to do is do a moderate level of exercise so you don’t feel exhausted while getting thinner.  It’s unlike exercise programs that also use up your muscles for energy. You could associate this with a bear’s hibernation. During hibernation, the bear’s body uses up all the stored fats for energy and warmth through winter. When the bear wakes up, it is noticeable much thinner than when it slept. The 11 day diet plan is mostly like this. This is perfect for those who almost have sedentary lifestyles.


5)      Metabolism friendly

This diet was designed to train your metabolism. It makes you metabolize faster because you never get hungry. You eat regular, complete meals, and leave you satisfied. It does not play with such small portions that leave you craving for more food. It does not deprive you, so you don’t think of food all the time.


6)      Breaks

If ever you want to try the 11 day diet plan, then you should take note that you do not continue after eleven days. After eleven days of the program, you get to have a three-day break to eat whatever it is that you want. Isn’t it amazing?




It would really be worth it if you try the 11 day diet plan. This is a very new, unconventional approach to weight loss that doesn’t scare you away with heavy duty exercise routines. It doesn’t interrupt your everyday schedule and appetite. All you have to do is consult your doctor first so that you will know if your body can handle the transition. The 11 day diet plan certainly promises a dramatic change without causing a lot of trouble for you.


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