Top 15 Fat Burning Foods to Keep in Stock


In every diet regimen that you come across, fat is always the target enemy. It is always the main concern of all diet experts when they come up with various diet programs. The main reason for this is because fat is what everything transforms to when taken in excess. Proteins, carbohydrates, and even fat itself turn into fat, once you take in more than the recommended amounts and not do anything to burn that excess off.

It really doesn’t matter what diet program or plan you choose to follow. You could even choose not to follow any established diet program at all. All you have to do is to know what to do according to your lifestyle and diet pattern. A major part in taking hold of your own healthy diet is to get to know what kinds of food would really give you the advantage of getting rid of  the fat and therefore, excess weight from your body. Here are the well-known 15 fat burning foods that you should always have in your refrigerator. Just consider them your secret weapons:



1)      Cabbage

The cabbage diet was recommended and was proven effective. This is because when you start to make cabbage the main star of your diet, you increase the water and fiber intake in your body, making your feel full. Underneath that fullness, your body uses the fat reserves to get energy. So even if you eat lots of cabbage soup, you still have hunger pangs the rest of the day.


2)      Artichokes

This famous vegetable is one of the 15 fat burning foods because this is rich in vitamin C that boosts fat metabolism. It is also a very effective diuretic that excretes excess water stores in your body.




3)      Berries

Berries are fat burners because of the thocyanine and phonolics that are effective fat fighters and antioxidants. Blueberries in particular are very rich in arginine. This assiste the body to battle obesity. It is very smart and rewarding to eat blueberries because these dark blue berries are rich in vitamin K, vitamin C, magnesium, phosphorous, and potassium. Calcium is known to stop the production of fat. Vitamin C stimulates carnitine that is known to make metabolism faster and burn fat in the process.


4)      Cauliflower

As one of the 15 fat burning foods, cauliflower is a fiber-rich vegetable that enables your body to eliminate excess fats effectively.





5)      Barley

Aside from being one of the ingredients of beer, barley is indeed one of the 15 fat burning foods simply because it is very rich in fiber. The fiber content of barley allows you to get rid of the bile acids that contain the excess cholesterol metabolized by the liver. These bile acids therefore contain the fats that do not need to re-enter your blood vessels anymore. The fiber also prevents you from eating too much so as a result, your stored fats are metabolized without more fats getting into your system.


6)      Beans

Phaseolus vulgaris is the extract from kidney beans that burn fat. This extract is a very potent fat burning component that also stops alpha amylase enzyme that absorbs starch. When the starch or carbohydrate is prevented from getting absorbed by your body, you are less likely to store excess carbohydrates that are always converted to fats. This could actually be excessive so you need to be aware of how hungry you are when you eat beans. If you are starting to feel hunger most of the time, even if you take in more beans, then this means that you should cut back on the beans.


7)      Broccoli

This is one of the 15 fat burning foods because broccoli contains phytonutrients that block xenoestrogens. Xenoestrogens actually induce the storage of fat in your abdominal area. So just eat more of the broccoli.




8)      Cucumbers

Cucumbers remove fat from your body by facilitating the removal of uric acid through the kidneys. Uric acid makes fat go away and actually detach from your cells.




9)      Eggplant

When you slice an eggplant, squeeze lemon on it, and let it stand overnight, the following day, you will see that the water will have a greenish coloration. The green tinge came from the eggplant. You could just drink the water and this would help you lower your cholesterol.



10)   Cardamom

This is one of the 15 fat burning foods because of its effective thermogenic property. It increases your body temperature, thereby accelerating your metabolism and the burning of your body fat.




11)   Fish oil

Supplements that contain fish oil burn fat very well that you could shed 2 kilograms in only 3 months.





12)   Citrus fruits

These fruits are rich in vitamin C that stimulates the amino acid called carnatine that accelerates fat burning. At the same time, it dilutes fat and flushes it out more easily.





13)   Portabello mushroom

This is also rich in fiber that helps flush out excess fat from your body.






14)   Dairy

Dairy products are rich in calcium that stop the absorption of fats. They also have high protein content that enables you to stay full, therefore, enables your body to burn off the fat.





15)   Apples

Pectin in this fruit stops your cells from absorbing fat. It also facilitates more efficient flushing of excess fat from your body because it hastens water absorption.





The 15 fat burning foods enumerated for you enable you to increase your metabolism, decrease your appetite, make your bowel movement regular, provides more energy for you, and enable you to get your hands on vital vitamins and minerals to improve your overall health even more.



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