Top 3 Liquid Diets That Work

The goal of losing a significant amount of weight has resulted to the invention of so many diet programs that people have tried through the years. One of these diet techniques is the liquid diet. A liquid diet is a diet where in all you take into your body is liquid. You are supposed to do this for several days and after the short period of time that you devote to this diet, you inevitably lose a significant amount of weight. The liquid involved in the liquid diet is a specific type of liquid recommended by its inventor. It is not something unhealthy like alcohol or soda. This liquid should comprise of at least 80 percent of the total calories for the day.

A liquid diet should only be sustained for at most, 10 days. This is because liquids, even if they are essentially packed with nutrients, still lack the ability to satisfy the daily nutritive allowances that you need. This would result to a variety of health problems if you continue the liquid diet for a longer period of time. Liquid diets do not allow you to ingest solid food. This results to the cleansing of your colon and prevents you from retaining water in your tissues. After the recommended period, you would have to change your old everyday diet and lifestyle, to continue losing the weight that you want.

Liquid diets that work really bring a myriad of benefits to the people who try it. Weight loss could really give you that boost of self confidence that you have always needed. You prevent obesity by continuously regulating the amount of weight that you acquire every single day. Because you prevent this harmful condition, you also prevent the other harmful health problems like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and fatty liver.

Through the years, different liquid diets have come and gone. Only less than a handful of them are actually effective. Liquid diets that work are continuously used until the present. Here are some of the liquid diets that work that you may want to consider trying:


1. Clear liquid

This is definitely one of the liquid diets that work because the clear liquid diet is basically the exclusive intake of clear liquids such as tea, clear soup, juices without pulps, lemonade, and even coffee. Rich or viscous liquids are not allowed in this diet. As a result, a significant amount of weight is lost by the end of the diet period. The clear liquid diet is also used in hospitals or health facilities as part of therapy for certain patients. Doctors usually prescribe this diet for patients who are not yet allowed to have solid foods. Usually, they are patients who still have overly sensitive digestive systems or have just finished recovering from the effects of anesthetics.



2. Lemonade

Also known as the Master Cleanse diet, the Lemonade diet is also one of the liquid diets that work because here, you only have lemonade to sustain you. This is very effective in detoxifying your system and in cleansing your colon. Because of this diet’s ability to eliminate toxins, joint and muscle pains are also eliminated through the lemonade diet.





3. Hollywood

This diet is known to be readily effective in just 24 to 48 hours, making it one of the liquid diets that work. It is also a detoxifying diet that makes you drink juices or a combination of juices that help you lose all that excess fat. This is only a temporary diet for losing that much weight. Once you re-introduce solids into your diet again, you will definitely gain weight once again. This is called the Hollywood diet because Hollywood needs celebrities who can be thin in just a short period of time. This is to be able to attend an important function or to fit into the next role that they have to play. Losing weight in a minimum of 24 hours is definitely a feat but a very serious thing to undergo as well. You really have to prepare yourself for this kind of diet so that you could harness more of its quick benefits. This is also ideal if you really want to get a quick preparation time for your transition to a healthier lifestyle.



Even if you do resort to having liquid diets that work, you should still consult your doctor first. This is to make sure that you will not aggravate your present medical condition. As you go on taking in only liquids everyday to lose weight, you should be under your physician’s supervision.


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