What to Remember When Purchasing Safety Bed Rails?

Many kids are brought to emergency departments due to falls from beds. Babies, toddlers and even young kids can be at risk for falls and may require supervision from parents and caregivers during ambulation, playtime and even sleeping. Your child could be at risk for falls even while he or she is sleeping because nobody remains complete still during sleep. Also, kids often times play in their bedrooms. Safety of your kids should always come first. Bed side rails have been popular ever since because installation of these furnitures provide safety and security in most households.

Bed Safety Rails

Cribs are used for safety and security reasons for your baby for toddler during sleeping and also when playing. Bed safety rails can be used all throughout childhood to ensure safety and avoid falls. They can prevent your child from falling onto the floor in the middle of the night. A fall can predispose your child to many injuries such as fracture, joint dislocation, spinal affectations, brain injury, and so many more. Purchasing or installing one can be a very good investment because it can be used for a very long time.

Cribs are good for babies but when the child gets bigger, you need to transfer him to a bigger and more spacious bed to be more comfortable. A lot of beds do not come with safety rails so you can purchase or have it installed.

In the event that a child has a very high fever, the child can be at risk for having a seizure. Seizures can pose a high risk for falls for anyone. One of the first things that you need to do when a child has a seizure is to provide a safe environment. If you have installed bed side railings already, this could be done immediately. Safety can be within reach.

Bed side railings offer a sense of security for parents and caregivers. While your child is sleeping, you can have a peaceful state of mind and can also do your chores. This also helps in managing your time.

What to Remember When Purchasing a Bed Rail?

  1. Check the type of material of the bed rail. Is it made of durable wood? If it is made of metal how strong can it secure the weight of the child when it is subject to its function? Is it strong enough and durable to be able to secure a child when sleeping? How malleable is it? Is it stainless? How sturdy? Make sure that it does not have sharp edges that can cause cuts or injuries. If it is made of plastic, what type of plastic is it and will it be safe? Is it hypoallergenic?
  2. Check the price tag – Is it worth your money? It is common that a more excellent quality of bed rail will be more expensive.
  3. What type of bed railing to purchase – There are several types of bed railings nowadays catering to every need of parents and caregivers who will be using it. In fact, there are bed railings made of durable foam that can be a lot convenient to use that you can even sit on when you are doing bed side care or reading a story to your child. Some traditional ones can be very wide and a lot heavier. Some bed rails that are traditional can be quite difficult to keep fitting every night and sometimes seem like a chore to unbracket it.  There are also some bed rails that can be inconvenient that you happen to forget about fixing it at night and thus, deceiving its purpose of providing safety.
  4. Check manual or instructions for installation – When purchasing a product, you, as a consumer needs to read the instructions for installation and usage to be able to use it safely.
  5. Check for product warranties.
  6. If it feels necessary to check other options or other brands and types of bed railings, do as you please. There are lots of types and brands out in the market that can cater to every need. Make sure that what you buy best fits you and your baby.
  7. Do not be deceived by aesthetic s – A lot of modern brands offer high-technology or nice appearance. Always choose quality and safety before doing any purchase. Aesthetics should only come next to safety.
  8. Upon installation of your new bed side railings, give it a stress test a bit. Try to press on the sides with enough pressure to check if it is sturdy enough to provide safety. On the first few nights of using it, stay with your child for a few minutes to check if it safe enough.

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