15 Methods That Show How an Effective Natural Nasal Decongestant Works

Nasal congestion is usually brought about by upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs) or allergic reactions. Some causes are the extreme weather, viral infections, allergens, and even environmental stressors. These result to inflammation in the nasal cavity, thus congestion that makes it very difficult for you to breathe. Other symptoms like eye puffiness, dark circles around the eyes, itchy nose, runny nose, stuffy nose, sniffles, wheezing, bronchitis, hives, eczema, and asthma tend to accompany nasal congestion.

Nasal congestion is not fatal. It is only very common for you to get irritated when this occurs. You tend to lose your concentration as well. When you see your doctor because of your nasal congestion, there are a lot of conventional medications that may be prescribed to you. These, of course, give a myriad of side effects that tend to make everything worse for you. Some of the adverse effects are drowsiness, dependence, and dryness of the mouth. Choose among the following and discuss the natural nasal decongestant  that you prefer with your doctor:


1. Desensitization

If you experience nasal congestion and you know that you have allergies, it is a natural nasal decongestant  for you to eliminate the cause of the congestion, which is the allergen. You can do this by slowly exposing yourself to the allergen. This slowly builds up your resistance to these allergens. Your immunity to the allergic triggers is gradually strengthened. You can do this by slowly taking in a small amount of the allergen to help your immune system be familiarized with the trigger. It can take as long as a month to years before this takes full effect.



2. Vitamin C

Taking vitamin C is another natural nasal decongestant that you should take as recommended. Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant that strengthens your immunes system that helps you fight the infections that come your way. Nasal congestion may result to the invasion of these pathogens so if they are prevented from entering your body, you are home free.




3. Bioflavonoids

Bioflavonoids are also effective in decongesting the nasal cavity. You can find them in the skin or rind of the citrus fruits that you eat. This also helps in the good absorption of vitamin C.






4. Concoction

You can make a concoction made up of salt, pepper, lemon juice, tomato soup, an garlic as another natural nasal decongestant. This cooked soup should be sipped while it is still a bit hot. The ingredients included in this concoction make the mucous thin enough to be easily cleared out.





5. Saline water

Saline water is also an effective natural nasal decongestant. You could either make this on your own or by purchasing it from a pharmacy. Applicators could also be purchased for easier administration of the saline water. Just make sure that you sanitize these applicators or aspirators to make it safe and ready for the next use. It would be best for you to have a personal applicator and not chare one with other people. When you apply the saline water and you feel that the mucous is already running out of your nose, just blow or wipe gently. If there is phlegm, spit out the phlegm. Do not swallow it.



6. Chicken soup

Hot chicken soup is also a well-known natural nasal decongestant. The steam from it unclogs the nasal passages and relaxes the blood vessels, allowing you to breathe better. Chicken soup also deals with the inflammation that you experience. By taking chicken soup, the mucous also becomes thin enough for you to expel them easily.




7. Exercise

It is also said that exercising is a natural nasal decongestant because it results to better blood circulation. This gradually unclogs the nasal passages and therefore shrinks up the membranes in your nasal cavity, relieving you of your congestion.





8. Bitter orange peel

Bitter orange peel is a natural nasal decongestant that is also known as citrus aurantium, Zhi shi, and fructus aurantii. You can combine bitter orange peel with green tea and natural honey to take care of the congestion. You can either inhale or ingest the preparation. Ingesting it will result to much more lasting relief from your nasal congestion.





9. Onion and apple skin

Quercetin is a common active component shared by apples and onions. This is a natural nasal decongestant that helps you gain relief without experiencing the side effects.






10. Ginger

Ginger is a natural nasal decongestant that you could grind to ingest or make into paste form to apply topically. This could also be boiled so that the steam may be inhaled. Just make sure that you don’t stay too close to the steam because you might get burned and acquire problems with your sinuses.





11. Sit upright

Sitting upright is another natural nasal decongestant method that you can do on your own by adding more pillows to the head of your bed. This allows your sinuses to drain properly. As a result, you breathe easier and deeper. Applying a heat compress on the area of your sinuses and chest area will add more relief.




12. Nettle

Making tea out of nettle is a natural nasal decongestant that you can do by yourself at home. Nettle is a natural anti-inflammatory agent because of the tannin content. This decreases the inflammation and eases nasal congestion as well.





13. Steam

Plain steam ia also a natural nasal decongestant. You could also just have a hot shower to dilate those blood vessels to help your breathing. Having a towel to form a tent over your head and the steam makes the heat a bit more concentrated. You could also add eucalyptus leaves to add more relief.




14. Other herbs

Other herbs like lemon, thyme,  and garlic also help in decongesting your nasal cavity. You could take them as tea that you can make on your own or just buy from the local pharmacy.





15. Clear liquids

Taking lots of clear liquids is also a very good natural nasal decongestant. The liquid automatically thins out the mucous in your nasal cavity. This allows you to expel it easier.






Please notify your doctor when you decide to use any one of the natural nasal decongestant  given in this selection for proper guidance.

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