8 Useful Tips in Natural Organic Skin Care

Your skin is the ultimate proof of physical beauty. It is also a testimony of how good you take care of yourself. But aside from this obvious fact, your skin is also your body’s first line of defense against the elements around you. That is why you take care of it so much. Usually, people purchase and apply various reagents and preparations that are said to improve the condition of the skin. It may be true that the skin is a physical barrier of your body but it also absorbs every single chemical that you are simply exposed to or apply on it everyday.

Skin care is a very expensive and very tedious process to do and maintain. It even goes to the extent of radical surgery just to ensure the good quality of your skin. With good skin care, you are rid of common skin problems such as acne, dryness, wrinkling, age spots, and inelasticity. But with all the latest technological and chemical innovations in commercial and conventional skin care, most people are apprehensive to continue using these synthetic skin care products. If you are one of them, consider these tips in natural organic skin care that you could discuss with your dermatologist:


1. Seek natural

Tactfully examining the labels of the beauty products you choose is another way of getting started with your natural organic skin care routine. Take the time to do this so that you won’t get fooled by the manufacturers. Some skin care products contain very toxic ingredients that are masked by their “all natural” or “natural” labels. So do your homework well.




2. Make it simple

If you are starting to consider natural organic skin care, then you should make sure that you don’t get carried away by the almost unrealistic promises that the beauty products tell you. Special creams for the eyes or lips are not that different at all from the usual moisturizers that you can use. Just choose the basic products that you need such as cleanser, moisturizer, toner, and sunscreen. You’ll never go astray when you know what you put  on your face. See to it that you also read the ingredients. It is best to consult your dermatologist about this.



3. Packaging considerations

Packaging also makes a great impact on how safe your beauty product is. Glass, polypropylene, (BPS) bisphenol-A, polycarbonate, (PET) polyethelyne terephthalate, and (HDPE) high density polyethylene are the acceptable forms of packaging in beauty or skin care products. PVC or polyevinyl chloride or poison plastic has many chemical components that prove detrimental to your health. Just look for the V label and don’t buy it.



4. Fragrance free

Choosing fragrance free products is part of the natural organic skin care. The reason is because fragrances trigger allergic reactions and other problems of the skin when you use them. It is better to go scentless when it comes to products that you apply on your skin.





5. No petrochemicals

Petrochemicals are carcinogens (cancer-producing). These are not used on your cars anymore so why choose skin care products that have them? Keep an eye on mineral oil, paraffin, and petrolatum in the product labels.





6. Organic ingredients

When you say organic, the ingredients are naturally grown without pesticides or fertilizers. This prevents your body from getting toxic chemicals. Choosing skin care products with these kinds of ingredients is part of the natural organic skin care  that you have to choose. You should take note of the biodynamic ingredients that should be in the products that you purchase so that your health is assured.




7. Stay healthy

Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle is also key in natural organic skin care. Exercise makes blood circulate efficiently throughout your body. Intake of water, protein, complex carbohydrates, fruits, and good fats makes sure that you get rid of the unhealthy toxins from your body and helps you maintain the good condition of your skin.




8. Make your own

An effective method of natural organic skin care is to just make your own skin care products in the privacy of your own kitchen. This would definitely make sure that the ingredients are all natural. You could make a mask out of powdered oats and bananas; a cleanser out of tomatoes and yogurt; an anti-acne toner with green tea. Just search for the recipes in the web and you will never go wrong. Doing this will help you save money as well.



Make sure that you coordinate with you dermatologist when you decide to use natural organic skin care methods. It would be best that you do not change the method once your skin benefits from it already. You could also ask your dermatologist about organic products that are non-comedogenic or those that do not clog your pores.

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