3 Categories of Abortion Health Risks and Side Effects


Choosing to end your pregnancy is a very difficult decision to make, even if it does involve health reasons. Another life that depends on you will be removed from your body. Like all medical procedures that require invasive surgery, abortion has risks to be considered. These risks are not to be dismissed at all. These may cause you long-term complications.

As you advance in your pregnancy, the risks increase. You should take note of the abortion health risks and the side effects upon discussing the procedure with your doctor. This way, you will be oriented on what to expect when you undergo abortion. Here are some of the abortion health risks and side effects that you have to take note of, categorized for easy classification:


1)      During abortion

During the abortion the patient has a number of abortion health risks that involve immediate side effects and problems. Side effects during the procedure include pain or abdominal cramps, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, adverse reactions to the anesthesia used, and death. There is even a possibility that you could have allergic reactions during the procedure if the assessment is not performed very well.

Some of the immediate side-effects during recovery are fever, dizziness, chills, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and headache. These are usually brought about by the anesthesia used. Fever may occur because of an infection. Headache, diarrhea, and  vomiting could be results of a reaction to the anesthesia. Do you want to experience these, or keep your baby instead?



2)      Post-Abortion

When you talk about abortion health risks, you should also take note of the problems that follow after the procedure. When your doctor discusses these with you, then you will know what will happen after you leave the hospital premises. There are short-term and long-term problems to consider.

Abortion health risks include short-term problems such as profuse or heavy bleeding, sustained bleeding, allergic reactions, infection, punctured uterus, sterility/infertility, and remaining tissue fragments. Bleeding that is prolonged and heavy is a very serious side effect that happens after the abortion. This usually happens if the uterus is soft and not contracted. If the uterus is soft, then that would mean that the patient may bleed longer and heavier.Bleeding may be caused by damage to the uterus or retained fetal and placental parts. Heavy bleeding may occur if the one who performed the procedure was not knowledgeable about the proper techniques. Another cause of heavy bleeding is a clotting condition that the patient may have.

3)      Long-term

Part of the anticipated abortion health risks is the number of long-term effects. This varies from woman to woman. Even if there are those who feel relieved because their health is improved, there are still some women who find it very hard to accept the scars that go beyond physical once they had the abortion. Long-term problems after abortion include depression. Depression could be very damaging to the patient and the people around her. This psychological condition may be experienced by the woman or her partner. Untreated depression may result to suicide. The woman or the couple may have difficulty in being intimate again. They may become distant from each other and this would be a very large dilemma especially if the woman had an abortion during the first pregnancy.


Another long term problem included in abortion health risks is the condition of the woman’s body after the removal of the fetus. Severe trauma to the uterus may lead to complications such as inability to reproduce or secondary infections. If the patient has lost too much blood during the procedure, then there is a very high probability that she may be immune-compromised, too. This means that the woman may have already lost the immunities that she had earned since she was a child.



There are so many possible abortion health risks that go with the decision of terminating your pregnancy. The child that is living  inside your womb does not deserve to be thrown away just like that. If you respect life and are responsible enough, you should really reconsider abortion as a means to escape your troubles. Abortion is not the way to go if you want to have a meaningful existence for the rest of your life.

Abortion health risks do not have to be through of at all if you do not choose abortion. Life is a wonderful gift that you should be thankful for. Not all women are able to conceive and any one of them would do anything to be able to carry another life and bring it out into the world. Be thankful for your blessing. Forget about abortion.



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