5 Reasons Why You Should Not Perform Abortion at Home

Abortion is the removal of a living fetus from the mother’s womb. This may be brought about by so many reasons. If abortion is to be done because of medical and health reasons, then it is really necessary to undergo this procedure. But life is important. It is the most precious gift that you could ever receive. Many women nowadays perform abortions through underground abortionists or by themselves to avoid any scandalous news about what they have gone through.

Abortion methods home is a much discreet method that is chosen by most women, especially if the mother is financially challenged. Some just resort to buying herbal medicine or just manually extract the fetus with a make-shift tool like a wire-hanger. You should take into consideration the ill-effects of such a complicated procedure without proper medical care.

Here are the following reasons why you should not perform abortion methods home or any place else, for that matter:


1)      Uncontrolled bleeding

Administering abortion methods home may lead to uncontrolled bleeding. This may be caused by tissue damage in the lining of the uterus or by any placental tissue that gets left inside. The uterus is composed of so many blood vessels to which the placenta attaches to and any damage would surely result to heavy bleeding. If the bleeding is not stopped, the mother may surely suffer from a weakened immune system, or worse, die because of losing so much blood that is not immediately replaced. Abortion methods home could only end in misery and a lifetime full of regret. Your child is worth keeping. Don’t risk your baby or your own life just to erase a bad relationship or a traumatic experience.


2)      Incomplete abortion

It is of high probability that abortion methods home may result to incomplete abortion. This is when only some portions or fragments of the fetus is expelled from the uterus. If this happens, the damaged fetus may cause further bleeding. After this, the mother should undergo a minor surgical procedure called D and C or dilatation and curettage. This is a fast out-patient procedure that involves the scraping off all the excess fetal fragments and placental tissue.  The patient could go home a few hours right after the general anesthesia wears off. This is a very heartbreaking process to undergo. Why would you choose this over keeping life inside your womb?

3)      Psychological damage

Losing a baby through an accident or miscarriage is a tremendous psychological burden already. What more if the mother herself induces the abortion? Having abortion methods home is a very mentally scarring method. The patient will be the one to personally ensure the expulsion of the fetus from her body.  Professional counseling is terribly needed by women who experience this. Some do not recover at all.  Abortion methods home will lead to severe depression, which could further bring about more negative effects on her overall health and relationships.


4)      Infections

Severe infection is one of the common side effects of undergoing abortion methods home. Your home is not a sterile environment. When the fetus is expelled, the blood vessels in your uterus are all open. This makes that sensitive internal environment, very prone to infections. This could easily lead to more detrimental complications especially when the mother chooses to deal with these infections on her own. Abortion takes everything from you and only leaves you with hard  times like this. Keeping the child and being responsible is way better than having to go through this kind of pain.


5)      Damaged relationships

Established domestic relationships will surely be affected by abortion methods at home especially with the spouse or with the immediate family members. The obvious reason for this is because of the first hand witnessing of the procedure. The family members will be seeing the patient undergo the self-induced abortion process, leading them to judge the patient.  This is a very high cost in return for saving money.


Consult your doctor before considering abortion.

If abortion could be totally disregarded, then it would be much better to continue with the pregnancy and inevitably give birth to a happy, living, breathing baby. But if it really should be done for health considerations, then you should have it performed in the safety of the hospital and not in your home. Remember these disadvantages of performing abortion methods home. Maybe these will help you think twice before starting to do it on your own.

Life is a gift that you should respect and cherish. You should not even think of terminating your pregnancy at all because you chose to perform the sexual act. Be responsible. Love the baby inside you.

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