5 Most Helpful Home Remedies for Multiple Myeloma

Multiple myeloma is the malignant growth of the plasma cells, a kind of white blood cell in the bone marrow.  Plasma cells are the one generally responsible in producing proteins known as antibodies to fight against any infections or diseases.  Multiple myeloma develops when a cluster of plasma cells also known as myeloma cells turn out to be cancerous and reproduces, increasing the amount of plasma cells to a higher than usual level.  The intensity of abnormal proteins or antibodies present in the blood may also tend to increases since these cells are the one making proteins.  This multiple myeloma may have an effect on the immune system, kidneys, bones and the red blood cell count.  Person with multiple myeloma may experience symptoms but some are not.  There are available home remedies for multiple myeloma that may help to control the condition.

What are the signs and symptoms of multiple myeloma?

The signs and symptoms of multiple myeloma may differ from one person to another.  In the early stage of the disease it may show no symptoms, but as the disease develops one of the four following symptoms may occur.

  • Presence of high level of calcium in the blood.  Person with a high level of calcium may experience constipation, excessive thirst, nausea, confusion and loss of appetite.
  • The person may have renal or kidney failure due to the presence of unusual monoclonal proteins or called the Bence Jones proteins that can damage the kidneys.
  • The person with multiple myeloma experiences anemia-related fatigue.  This happens when the myeloma cells replace the red blood cells, the one carries oxygen in the bone marrow.
  • There is the presence of bone damage or fracture.  Symptom of bone pain occurs mostly in the back, ribs, pelvis and skull.  This kind of bone damage is referred to as osteolytic or lytic.


These four major symptoms of multiple myeloma are frequently called as CRAB referring to calcium level, renal failure, anemia and bone damage.  There are other signs and symptoms like recurring illnesses like sinusitis, pneumonia, skin infections and kidney or bladder infections.  There is also losing in weight and lack of feeling or weakness in the legs.


What are the causes of multiple myeloma?


Unfortunately, the exact cause of multiple myeloma is not yet known.  Medical experts are still conducting studies of the main reason causing multiple myeloma.  What they do know is that multiple myeloma starts with the presence of one abnormal plasma cell in the bone marrow and it multiplies.  The unusual cancerous cells do not mature and die like the normal cells instead they do accumulate until in time overpowering the making of the healthy cells.  The bone marrow that can be considered healthy is if the cells containing it are plasma cells with fewer than 5 percent.  However, if more than ten percent of the cells are plasma cells, the person may be infected with multiple myeloma.  The myeloma cells may occupy the bone marrow in other parts of the body because they can flow into the blood causing the damage of the bone and tissue adjoining it.  This is the reason why it is called multiple myeloma.  It can also hinder the production of normal antibodies thus obstructing the immune system’s capability to fight any illnesses.


What are the home remedies for multiple myeloma?


The following are the home remedies that may help to control multiple myeloma.


1.     Stay physically active.

Physical exercise helps to maintain the bones stronger.  Consult your doctor if pain keeps you from doing physical exercises of the means to reduce the pain.






2.     Drink a lot of water or fluids.

To prevent you from becoming dehydrated, drink a lot of water or fluids.  Fluids or water may also help to weaken the remains of Bence Jones protein in the urine preventing the possibility of kidney damage.






3.     Eat a healthy and balanced diet.

One effective way to fight any diseases especially cancer like multiple myeloma is to have a healthy diet.  You do not have to put boundary in eating protein unless advice by the doctor since it have no effect in the quantity of M protein in your body system.  Do consult first your doctor before taking any vitamins or herbal medications for it may hinder your undergoing treatment.





4.     Performing relaxation techniques like meditation or yoga.

Doing of such relaxation techniques may help to lessen the stress and relieve the symptoms of not only the multiple myeloma but also to other types of cancer.  Meditation, yoga or tai chi will help to calm your mind and unwind your body.






5.     Having a massage therapy.

Massage therapy helps to trim down the pain, as well as the anxiety and depression.  It also helps to relieve the fatigue and depression and decrease the nausea associated to cancer and its treatments.






These are all the most helpful home remedies for multiple myeloma.  Having cancer like multiple myeloma does not signify of preventing you from doing the things you like or usually do.  If you feel you can do something you want to do then go for it.  Don’t let cancer like multiple myeloma control or limit the things you want to do in your life.  Intake of health foods, have time to relax and be sure to have enough rest will be the tools to fight the weariness and stress cause by the cancer.

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