10,000 Steps a Day and Pedometers

A lot people nowadays are very much inclined to sports and keeping themselves physically and mentally fit. Living a healthy lifestyle has been always the goal. It’s not a very easy thing to do. It takes extra effort to be in shape. “Health is wealth,” as many people say and in order to achieve it; we are to take the extra miles.

A lot of people hit the gym or engage in several sports and activities such basketball, running, swimming, baseball, tennis, soccer, cross-fitting, mountain climbing, rugby—all these activities keep our body in shape and makes us feel good. Staying in shape increases our self-confidence. A healthy lifestyle adds beauty to the beholder. Trimming down fats and extra calories prevents us from developing lifestyle diseases such as coronary heart diseases, and other degenerative lung diseases. Exercising also helps improve the body circulation. Maintenance of ideal body wait also prevents us from a number of diseases and injuries as well. Exercising relives stress and improves the wellbeing of a person. It is also known to promote good cardio-pulmonary functioning. It also strengthens the bones and the muscles. There is a very long list of the benefits of exercising but did you know that simply walking everyday can help you stay fit and young looking without going to the gym. It will save a lot of cash also since you don’t have to pay for any equipment, rental, or instructor. It is readily available because all you have to do is walk.

In the age of technology where everything comes in an instant, cars, mobile phones, computers, electronic gadgets, sms, emails—I bet you don’t want to walk long distances. I bet you do not want to go trek the extra mile but keeping a positive attitude will definitely make a difference. Many people claim that they do not have time to walk or hit the asphalt but they do not know that they are walking inside their homes, at work, or whenever they are in motion. It’s a basic thing that most people are ignoring. A sedentary person has an average of 1,000 to 3,000 steps a day. How much more steps can you accomplish when you are physically and mentally motivated to do so?

10,000 Steps?

Yes. You can do it. Let’s do the math. An average person has the stride length of approximately 2.5 feet. This means that in order for you to take a mile, you need 2,000 steps.  Sounds interesting? Yes and you can do 10,000 steps by walking 5 miles. 10,000 steps has been very popular among health enthusiasts because of the benefits it can bring when compared to renting a gym, using other people’s facilities, hiring an trainer or instructor. You are saving a lot of money in here. Plus, you are saving more for the future. You are preventing a lot of degenerative diseases that predispose you to many life-threatening complications. You can do this when you walk the dog, or strolling in the mall, or basically anywhere at anytime. It is less strenuous and less prone to injuries.

What is a pedometer?

This is not a necessary tool but it could help you track the number of steps you walk like a hit counter. You can walk and do the 10,000 steps even without it but this can help a lot. A pedometer is an electronic device that is very handy and can be put in your wrist or you can hang on your waist to track your walking activity. It counts everything by detecting the motion of the hips. The numbers of calories you burn are also indicated in this electronic device. Even the distance that you take is counted. With this you can have a clearer view of how productive your work out is and you can definitely see how much progress you are making in every workout.

This electronic device was used originally by sports and physical fitness enthusiasts but since the public awareness of the importance of exercising everyday, the electronic device has a growing market nowadays. It has several brands and manufacturers nowadays catering to the growing needs of the growing population of walking and running enthusiasts.

Pedometers do not only count steps but also serves as a motivational tool in keeping yourself in control with your exercise and workouts. Many people need motivations like this one and they are happy when they see results immediately. Numbers has always been a motivation. It is like a grading system for many users. The more steps they make and the longer distance they have covered, the happier and more motivated they become.






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