5 Natural Relief of Muscle Spasm

Muscle spasm or cramp is an abrupt and involuntary of a single or more muscles.  It occurs unexpectedly and cause severe pain.  Although muscle spasm can be considered not that dangerous, the affected muscle can not be use momentarily.  Muscle spasm takes place in extensive period of exercise or any physical activities mostly during hot weather conditions.  Several of the medicines and certain health conditions may also lead to muscle spasm.

What are the signs and symptoms of muscle spasm?

  • Abrupt and sharp muscle contraction frequently occurs in the legs.
  • There is a tough bump of muscle tissue that can be sense or noticeable underneath the skin.


What are the causes of muscle spasm?

Excessive use of muscle or just staying in one place or position in extended period of time may lead to a muscle spasm.  Athletic people are the one who frequently experience muscle spasm especially during participation in a warm-weather sport wherein they feel exhausted and dried out.  The precise cause of muscle spasm is unknown.  But some may be associated to a primary health conditions like the following.

  • The inadequate supply of blood may be the reason of muscle spasm.  The contraction or the narrowing of the arteries that bring blood to the legs can create a cramp-like ache in the legs and feet during the exercise or physical activity.  These spasms frequently remove long before after the exercise is being discontinued.
  • The nerve compression in the spine can also create a spasm-like ache in the legs.  The longer using of legs in walking the worsen pain may experience.  Walking in a little bended position while making use of pushing cart in front may definitely make the symptoms get better.
  • Reduction intake of mineral like calcium, potassium and magnesium in a daily diet may lead to leg spasm.  Some of the diuretic medicines intended for high blood pressure may be a reason for loss of potassium.  There are certain health problems that may contribute to muscle spasm like diabetes, kidney disorder, hypoglycemia, anemia and thyroid or hormonal disorder.


Muscle spasms frequently fades away even without treatment and are seldom require therapeutic care.  On the other hand, medical help from a doctor is needed when the muscle spasm cause a severe pain, it occur regularly, it does not progress with self-care and are not related with any exhausting exercise or physical activity.


What are the muscle spasm reliefs?

The following ways can provide great relief for a muscle spasm.

1.     Massage the muscle.

Stretch the cramped muscle and softly massage it to help it rested.  If in case, standing up is impossible to do try to pull the top of your foot of the affected part in the direction of your head while your leg is in unbend or straightened position.  This will also help to relieve spasm on the back thigh.  In case of spasm on the front thigh, make use of a chair to balanced yourself and make an effort to pull your foot of the affected part side up on the way to your buttock.



2.     Use of heat or cold pack.

If you want to relax the tense muscles make use of the cold pack.  If in case you feel pain, make use of a heating pad or warm towel to ease the pain.






3.     Drink a lot of water.

Drink a lot of water or fluids daily.  The precise quantity of how much your body will be needing fluids is depend on what you eat, your intensity of activity, your health, the climate, your age and if you have any medicines presently taking.  Fluids maintain the cells of the muscle well hydrated and reduced irritable feeling.  Fluids also help the muscle contract and relax.  Always drink a lot of water or fluids all throughout the exercise or any physical activity at regular interval and keep on drinking fluids even after you’re done.

 4.     Stretch the muscles.

Be sure to stretch your muscles before and after using it for extensive period of time.  If you have a tendency of having spasm during at night, stretch your legs before going bedtime to prevent a leg cramps.  Another way to prevent leg cramps from bothering you while you are sleeping is to do a light exercise like riding a stationary bicycle a few minutes before going to bed.



5.     Intake of vitamin B complex supplement.

Vitamin B complex supplement may help to control muscle spasm.  On the other hand, medical experts are still conducting studies to validate this benefit.




Do not hesitate to ask your doctor if you want to try new nutritional supplement that can help to manage your muscle spasm especially if you are taking other medications.

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