5 Natural Ways to Cure Irritable Snoring

Snoring is a husky sound that takes place when the airway become narrowed that the air being breathe can not be able to move freely through the nose and mouth while at sleep.  It can be obtain from sleeping in a bad posture or there is a presence of irregularities tissue in the throat.  Aside from the fact that snoring can be irritable to your partner, it sometimes signifies a severe health condition.  It occurs when the tissue are being vibrated because of the air that flows through the relaxed tissue upon breathing.

What are the causes of snoring?

There are many factors that cause snoring and some of them are the following.

  • The first is one age.  As people grow older, specifically from middle age and beyond, the throat develops to be narrower and the muscle tone in the throat reduces.
  • The second is the nasal and sinus problems.  The breathing makes difficult if the airways are   being blocked forming void in the throat which can lead to snoring.
  • The third one is being obese or overweight.  A bad muscle tone and presence of fatty tissue can also be the reason of snoring.
  • The fourth one is the intake of alcohol, smoking and some medications.  There are certain medications that can enhance the relaxation of the muscle that lead to more snoring.  Smoking and consumption of alcohol can also aggravate the condition of snoring.
  • The fifth one is the physical built.  Men are the one who snore frequently than women because they have narrower air passages then women.  People with a clef palate, narrow throat and inflamed adenoids, frequently hereditary may contribute to snoring.
  • The last one is the sleeping positioning.  Sleeping evenly on your back causing the tissue of the throat to rest or relax thus blocking the airway leading to more snoring.

What are the symptoms of snoring?

Aside from the loud noise caused by snoring, there are things that can be experience and they are the following.

  • A person who snores while at sleep may experience too much tiredness during daytime.
  • There is difficult in concentrating.
  • A person who snores may have sore throat.
  • There is restless sleep.
  • A person may experience gasping or choking at night.
  • A person who snores may experience a high blood pressure.
  • A person who snores may have an irregular heartbeat.

Is it really just snoring or already a sleep apnea?

Snoring could also be a sign of sleep apnea.  Sleep apnea is a possibly life-threatening condition that could have need of medical attention.  In a condition of sleep apnea, there is an obstruction in breathing that makes the person sleeping to wake up to begin to breathe again.  A typical snoring may not hinder the quality of the sleep as well as sleep apnea.  If there is a severe weariness and tiredness during the day, snoring will not be the only reason behind and should seek a medical help from a doctor.

What are the natural ways to cure snoring?

1.     Lose weight if in case you are obese or overweight.

Obesity or being overweight is the frequent reason behind of snoring.  The added thickness in the throat constricted the airway.





2.     Try to practice sleeping on your side.

Always try to sleep on your side.  Avoid sleeping flat on your back for it will just only contribute to snoring because your tongue tend to fall toward the back into your throat thus reducing the airway and partly blocking the airflow.  Raising the head of your bed for about four inches will do a big help.




3.     Applying nasal strips.

Applying nasal strips to your nose may help to enhance the part of nasal way that will improve the breathing.  However, these nasal strips cannot be effective with people with sleep apnea.





4.     Cure any nasal congestion.

Allergies that cause nasal congestion should be treated immediately for it only restrict the airflow through the nose causing you to breathe through your mouth that enhances snoring.  In case of severe congestion, do not make use of oral or spray decongestant for more than three days consecutively unless advice by the doctor for it will only have a rebound effect worsening your congestion.  In case of a chronic congestion, ask your doctor if a steroid spray can help.



5.     Limit or keep away from drinking of alcohol and sedatives.

Keep away from drinking alcoholic beverages during bedtime for at least two hours before.  Inform your doctor about your snoring condition before taking any sedatives medications.  Alcohol and sedatives make the central nervous system depress or slow down resulting to an extreme relaxation of the muscles affecting the tissues in the throat.  In case of a person with sleep apnea, it will take more time to breathe again due to the effect of alcohol and sedatives that make the brain’s capability dull to awaken from sleep.



Try to do all these simple and natural cure for snoring to have a good night sleep.  However, if there is no development after doing these seek an advice from a medical expert for a further evaluation.

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