6 Easy-to-Find Natural Remedies For Eczema

Even if you take good care of your skin very well, there will always be times when skin conditions will appear all of a sudden. Eczema is one of the most common skin ailments that affect so many people. There are a few types of this skin condition that have to be very well distinguished first before they get treated properly. Atopic eczema is the genetic type that is very itchy and affects both adults and infants. Dishydrotic eczema is an isolated type that affects the hands or the feet. It is very severe and when the blisters burst, is very painful. Nummular eczema is widespread already. You have to keep your skin very well-moisturized to prevent this type of eczema.

Dealing with such a skin condition takes persistence and determination. Finding out what causes your eczema will help you get rid of it much more effectively. When you consult your doctor, you may be prescribed with conventional cortisone-based medications. But try these natural remedies for eczema that you could discuss with your physician as well:


1. Diet

It is said that your changing your diet is one of the effective natural remedies for eczema. First, you have to remember that you should avoid several food items to prevent your eczema from worsening. Some are nuts, eggs, dairy, seafood, and wheat. Try to refrain from eating these given foods and observe your skin. It is really hard to involve your diet in fighting eczema but you should be persistent about it. Eczema is a very determined skin disease that will do everything to stay on that part of your skin. So it is only right for you to do the same. You could also consider eating yogurt everyday to stop this skin disease. Yogurt helps improve your immune system, is cheap, and is very healthy to eat.


2. Coconut oil

Coconut is one of the natural remedies for eczema that you could easily avail. It is very cheap as compared to the commercially-made treatments in your pharmacy. Coconut oil has no side effects to worry about. It is very accessible and very effective in healing your eczema much faster. Just apply coconut oil on the affected area everyday.




3. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is considered as another one of the very effective natural remedies for eczema. It doesn’t only have the nutrients and the fiber to help you with your overall health but it is also considered as an effective solution to your eczema problem. It has saponins, fat, proteins, and polysaccharides that help your skin retain moisture for a long time and prevent your eczema from worsening. The polysaccharides leave a barrier on your skin to keep out irritants from your skin. The saponins cleans your skin thoroughly to rid of any remaining irritants. Applying oatmeal on your affected area really helps. Just make the oatmeal into a very thick paste and apply on the eczema-ridden skin area and leave it for a while. This will allow the active ingredients to penetrate the area of the skin much better.


4. Other herbs

Elm bark, comfrey root, and oak bark are also natural remedies for eczema. When you combine the three, you could end up with a very potent solution to your skin condition. The mixture will result to an effective cleanser. It also helps with the itching and the inflammation. Comfrey root is known to lessen the inflammation, minimize the scarring, and to accelerate skin healing. White oak bark is rich in vitamin B12 and zinc that help tone the skin.



5. Blueberry and licorice

Blueberry and licorice extracts are also potent natural remedies for eczema. Blueberry leaves contain a chemical compound that inhibits the spread of germs. It also accelerated skin cell repair. Licorice extract tones down the swelling, pain, and the redness of the area. You could combine these two with a moisturizer to get fester results.





6. Aloe vera and zinc

In choosing natural remedies for eczema, you should make sure that the preparations are free of fragrances, artificial coloration, and oils. Choose a lotion that is aloe- or zinc-based to help you treat your eczema.






It is really a challenge to battle eczema. You could tell your doctor about the given natural remedies for eczema and work out a treatment plan that you could effectively follow everyday. Sticking with this plan will help you get rid of your eczema and even get back your healthy skin. Remember that all these should be accompanied with a healthy lifestyle. This will target your problem and give you an ideal body at the same time.

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