8 Known Items in the World of Natural Hep C Cure

The liver is a very vital part of your system. It eliminates the toxins from your system; it’s an accessory organ in digestion; it combats infection; it keeps energy; and it stores vitamins and other nutrients. So it is only right to say that you will not be able to live one day without a working liver.

Like any other visceral organ in your body, your liver experiences diseases. Hepatitis C is one of the ailments that affect it. It is a liver disease wherein the liver gets painful inflammation. This is caused by a blood-borne virus that can be passed onto another person. Those who are affected by Hepatitis C have had sexually transmitted diseases before, has a mother with a Hepatitis C, has abused drugs, and has received organs and blood products before July of 1992 and 1987. You could be a Hepatitis C suspect when you have appetite loss, jaundice, immediate bruising, diarrhea, stools that are colored lightly, fever, fatigue, swelled up ankles or stomach, dark yellow urine, and long clotting time.

You should immediately consult your phycisian when these symptoms come out. Then, you will be diagnosed properly. If you do have Hepatitis C, then you will be given proper treatments for it. There are so many medical treatments available that your doctor  could prescribe but a natural hep C cure is available for you to use, too. Feel free to choose the natural hep C cure that you want to try from this list:


1. Licorice root

Licorice root is a natural hep C cure decreases the various complications of hepatitis C, including the fatal liver cancer. It can be taken in combination with other herbs or just by itself. Licorice root greatly improves the way your liver functions so you will end up with a better body in general. Although it is a very potent herb to use, it still has side effects to watch out for. You should consult your doctor before using licorice root because you could have elevated blood pressure, loss of potassium, and water retention. It could also react with corticosteroids, heart medications, and diuretics.


2. Milk thistle

Also known as Silybum marianum, milk thistle is said to be the most frequently used herb for hepatitis C.  This natural hep C cure has antiviral properties against the disease and certainly decreases liver inflammation. Studies show that those who didn’t respond to the medication called Interferon could benefit from this. It could also improve how the liver functions and only has a few side effects to watch out for. You could consult your doctor about these.



3. Schisandra plant

This natural hep C cure has been a time tested herbal remedy that was present in Japanese medicinal history. The schisandra fruit has antiviral properties that certainly helps decrease the effects of Hepatitis C.





4. Cow thymus

It is know that the thymus gland of cows, when extracted, could help in the regulation of the immune system function in those affected by hepatitis C. You should be careful with this natural hep C cure because it could decrease your blood platelet count.





5. Lactoferrin

Lactoferrin is a natural hep C cure that is found in saliva, tears, and milk. This is a very good diet supplement for hepatitis C patients. It is known to improve the function of your liver and decrease the amount of hepatitis C virus in your blood. It is said to function properly with other conventional hepatitis C medications but you should still talk to your doctor about it.




6. Ginseng

Ginseng is another frequently used natural hep C cure that strengthens the immune system and also helps other patients with other liver disorders. It significantly lowers blood sugar levels. You should have your doctor supervise you when you use this herb because you could increase your bleeding.




7. St. John’s wort

This is a natural hep C cure that treats depression that is mild to moderate. St. John’s wort is taken by hepatitis C patients to battle the side effects of the prescribed conventional hepatitis c medications such as Interferon.





8. Others

You could also resort to acupuncture, relaxation, and massage therapies as your natural hep C cure.  These are known to relieve the pain that you experience from hepatitis C. It could also lessen the side effects of the conventional hepatitis c treatment medications.






Never hesitate to talk to your doctor with regard to the natural hep C cure that you want to use. It never hurts to be too careful when it comes to your health.

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