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Irritable Bowel Syndrome: What Foods to Avoid

Imagine that you’re in a party and food and drinks are everywhere. You want to practice your God-given free will but the moment you put food in your mouth, you worry about a lot of things. Irritable bowel syndrome is a disease affecting a huge population. Some even live with it without even knowing that they have this syndrome. Continue reading

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What Causes A Bowel Obstruction


We love to eat. Who doesn’t? Every morsel of the food that we eat is being broken down into the tiniest molecule or atom to give us energy that we need all through out the day. People love to treat their taste buds with delicious food. Food is a part of our daily lives. After the food has been swallowed, it goes to the stomach wherein it is being digested and absorption of nutrients is made. After that, it needs to be emptied to the intestines for further digestion and further absorption for the other nutrients that is solely being absorbed in the small and large intestines. There we go hungry and crave for another food again. Continue reading