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Fungal Skin Infections

Ugh, the Itching Truth

Everyone wants to have a flawless skin. Fungal skin infections can be very embarrassing because many people consider this as a disease of those people who have poor hygiene and sanitation. Signs and symptoms of fungal infections may vary from one person to another. These can be uncomfortable due to discolorations, scaling, foul smell and itchiness. Fungal infections takes a longer time to heal than other skin infections because of the fungal spores that would require longer treatments and can cause a low self-esteem on the beholder. The symptoms can be very embarrassing because everyone wants to have a healthy looking skin, without the scaling and peeling. Many people believe that these infection are acquired from unsanitary saunas, showers, contaminated linens, clothes and shoes.  Continue reading

What causes Candidiasis?

A pathogen is a microorganism that causes a disease. An opportunistic pathogen is one that exists harmlessly as part of the normal flora of the human body and does not become a threat until the body’s immune system fails or is disturbed. Candida albicans is considered an opportunistic pathogen. Continue reading