Natural Ways of Coping Child Asthma

Is your child can be inflicted with asthma?  Let’s first define the meaning of asthma.  Asthma is a chronic respiratory ailment that causes the inflammation of the bronchial tubes which serve as the passageway of air through the lungs that lead to difficulty in breathing.  A constant swelling of the airways or bronchial tube can be a life threatening especially when the attack is severe for there is no enough oxygen to take in.

Anyone can be affected with asthma especially children.  But asthma is a controllable disease.  Adults should just be aware of the things or foods that can trigger or aggravate his child asthma.  There are many factors should be considered in dealing child with an asthma.  Although, the precise cause is still not known, asthma is usually associated to allergies, genetics, environment and weight.

Signs and Symptoms of Asthma

  • There is a wheezing and shortness of breath
  • Experience chest pain and stiffness
  • There is a disturbance in sleep at night due to wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath
  • Shortness of breath during physical activity
  • More medications are needed by relaxing the bronchial tubes so more airways may pass through

Asthma Severity Levels

  • Mild intermittent if the asthma symptom can experience less than once a week.  Troubled at night with asthma symptoms of twice a month or less.  The attacks will just last a few hours to few days.  Lung function should be normal.
  • Mild persistent if the asthma symptom occur more than once a week but not on a daily basis.  Bothered at night with asthma symptom more than two times a month.  Activity is affected during asthma attack.
  • Moderate persistent if the asthma symptom takes place everyday.  Affected by nighttime symptom with more than once a week.  There is a severe attack that happen two times a week and last for days.  Daily utilize of rescue medication is needed of this condition.  Daily activities also affected with the asthma attacks.
  • Severe persistent if the symptom experience throughout the day and almost everyday.  Everyday severe attack.  Frequent nighttime affected by asthma symptom.  Physical activity is expected to be restrained.

Asthma is a controllable illness that there are some that can live with it successfully but still it is considered as a serious disease.  Asthma symptom can lead to hospitalization and can also cause death if not given proper medical attention.  It is a must to go to a doctor if there is any sign of asthma to be appropriately diagnosed.  But there are natural effective ways to cope up asthma and these are the following.


1.   Buteyko Breathing Technique


It is a breathing technique introduced by Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko a Russian national.  It is a shallow-breathing movement intended to aid people with asthma more easily.  This technique raises the blood level of carbon dioxide which helps a person with asthma.  Carbon dioxide helps to widen the smooth muscles of the bronchial tube.  A medical study revealed that people who practiced Buteyko Breathing Technique had lessened the asthma symptoms compare to those who use the pranayama, a yoga breathing technique.  The use of inhaler is also decreased to those practicing this breathing technique.


 2.  Consumption of Omega Fatty Acids


Arachidonic acid that can be found in egg yolks, meat and shellfish should be avoided for it can cause more inflammation and can trigger asthma symptoms.  A medical study found out that those children with asthma has a high level of arachidonic acid.  Omega fatty acids can help to decrease the level of arachidonic acid.  These omega fatty acids are the EPA or Eicosapentanoic acid which can be found from fish oil and GLA or Gamma-linolenic acid which can be found from borage or evening primrose oil.  There are now omega fatty acids that available in capsule form but there is a drug interaction with warfarin (Coumadin) products and aspirin.  It may cause side effects like indigestion and bleeding.  Fish oil capsules should be taken before meals to lessen the fishy aftertaste.

 3.  Ingestion of Fruits and Vegetables


Individuals who used to eat carrots, tomatoes and leafy vegetables had a lesser chance to have developed asthma.  Greater consumption of apples may also bring big protection against asthma.  An everyday ingestion of fruits and vegetables during childhood reduced the risk of asthma.  High dietary intake of vitamin C and manganese may do a great help to prevent asthma.

 4.  Bromelain

Bromelain, an extract that can be found in pineapples have an anti-inflammatory effect.  There is a study conducted in animals that it decreases the inflammation of airway.  But it may cause digestive upset side effect.  It should not be used by people who have allergy to pineapples.

  5.  Weight Loss


Several studies conducted and found out that obesity is one of the risk causes of asthma.  If your children are obese and have asthma might have need of some lifestyle changes.  It is not easy at first but learning how to control asthma may lead to a fulfilling life.


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