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Anterior hip replacement surgery


Many people suffering with arthritis, hip pain, stiffness and limited hip movement can now choose minimally invasive surgery when hip replacement is the chosen treatment of the patient and their doctor.

One of the least invasive surgical options is Anterior Hip Replacement. The Anterior Approach is a proven technique that minimizes the pain and the time from surgery to recovery. Continue reading

Aching joints

The connecting places of two or more bones in our body are called joints, when these joints start to pain, it is called aching
joints. The joints in our body can be affected by any kind of ache. It may result from old or recent injuries, strains or sprains. Many kinds of illnesses are known to cause aching joints. Everything from simple cold to Arthritis are known to cause aching joints as well as many bacterial infections. At times intake of certain medicines may cause your joints to ache. Some of these causes could be serious while some other could be minor passing causes. Some of the common causes of aching joints are infections, arthritis,
Lyme disease, tendinitis, & bursitis. Continue reading

Complications of a Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Degenerative Joint Diseases

A degenerative joint disease is the degeneration due to the “wear and tear” of joint surface cartilage that is usually accompanied by an overgrowth of bone, narrowing of joint spaces, hardening of bone on joint surface, and bone deformation. Continue reading

8 Types of Arthritis Medicine Prescribed by Doctors

Have you ever seen your parents or grandparents cringe in pain because of their joints? Or maybe witness a co-worker rub his or her knee or hands because of inflammation and pain?

Arthritis is a condition of the joints wherein there is inflammation. It has so many variations. Arthritis occurs in people who have not enough cartilage in their joints to absorb the shock and friction as they move. Breakdown of the cartilage in the joints causes this to happen. This then becomes very painful because of the constant rubbing of the uncushioned joints. Stiffness amy also be experienced by the arthritis patient.

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