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Aching joints

The connecting places of two or more bones in our body are called joints, when these joints start to pain, it is called aching
joints. The joints in our body can be affected by any kind of ache. It may result from old or recent injuries, strains or sprains. Many kinds of illnesses are known to cause aching joints. Everything from simple cold to Arthritis are known to cause aching joints as well as many bacterial infections. At times intake of certain medicines may cause your joints to ache. Some of these causes could be serious while some other could be minor passing causes. Some of the common causes of aching joints are infections, arthritis,
Lyme disease, tendinitis, & bursitis. Continue reading

Achilles heel injury Part 2

Specific steps to minimize the risk of Achilles tendon injury include:

  • Wear the right shoes and sports shoes. The way a person walks, runs, and jumps is related to their individual bio-mechanics: their bone, muscle, and tendon structure. Achilles tendon injuries can be caused by common bio-mechanical issues such as high arches, low arches, having legs of slightly different lengths, etc. Bio-mechanical issues can often be addressed by wearing the right shoes. Continue reading