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Foods Containing Vitamin B3 (Niacin)

Niacin, as well as the B vitamins such as thiamine and riboflavin has as huge role in the energy metabolism of every cell of the body. Niacin is one of the main essential nutrients that the body needs for good overall function. Eating a well balanced diet will provide sufficient levels of niacin. A lot of foods can provide adequate amounts of niacin that you need in your everyday. You do not really need to drink niacin supplements to achieve that. Supplements should only be used for deficiencies of niacin in the body and for therapeutic purposes in case of diseases. Continue reading

Adhesive Bandages Causing Irritant or Allergic Contact Dermatitis

The use of medical adhesive supplies has been a big help in the care of patients. These are used in inpatient and outpatient medicine. During a hospitalization, adhesive tapes are commonly used to anchor and secure an intravenous line. It is also used to hold bandages and dressings in place. Continue reading

Contact Dermatitis: Irritant and Allergic types

Do you have an extreme sensitivity to a stimulation of any kind? How does it annoy you? What is your response with the irritating object or situation? Do bra straps or stockings make your shoulders or thighs itch? Does your skin exhibit signs of extreme sensitivity to a type of hair product? Exhibiting signs of dermatitis? Continue reading

Pediculosis: A Parasitic Skin Infection

Everybody hates a parasite. People who habitually rely on the other’s expense are called parasites but what can be really uncomfortable is a parasite that lives on a human body. Parasites are organisms that live in or on another organism (host) and benefits by deriving it’s nutrients at the host’s expense. Lice infestation affects people of all ages. Pediculosis or Phthriasis species are considered ectoparasites, since they live and benefit from the outside of the body of its host. There are three types of lice that infest humans depending on the body part that they affecting. They get all their food and nutrients from the person’s body and leave their digestive juices and excrement into the skin, which causes severe itching and discomfort. A pediculosis infestation is not a sign of uncleanliness. Even a clean person may acquire it. Continue reading

What Causes Skin Dryness?

Skin dryness is extremely common and a lot of factors cause this. Dry skin can be caused by genetics, diseases, dry air, long exposure to water, skin care products, tight clothing, hot showers,  and medications. A dry skin can be uncomfortable and unpleasant to the eyes. To make matters most, it can be really itching and disturbing. Having dry skin has a lot to tell about your nutritional status, body stress, fluid balance and lifestyle. Our skin is soft and supple because of tiny structures such as glands that lubricate and protect our skin. These protect our skin from dryness and cracking and also has a bactericidal effect that is why sweating is a also a protective mechanism of our body to maintain hydration of the body and skin. Proper hydration also is imperative to make our skin look and feel supple and smooth.  Continue reading